A broken lift can have you feeling trapped – Lift Company

Many people depend on lifts for their mobility and freedom, especially older and disabled people who live in high rises or indeed any kind of building which has any number of stairs. So if a lift in a domestic building, or even a commercial building, breaks down it can leave a person literally trapped; unable to socialise, go to work or leave their homes. When a lift breaks down, which is disappointing but sometimes unavoidable, there needs to be a quick response time from your lift company to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Having a reputable and reliable lift company at your disposal is necessary to the functionality of your building. In some cases, you may even be breaking the law if the lift goes unrepaired for extensive periods of time. Lift repairs should always be carried out swiftly, effectively and efficiently. If not, you’re with the wrong lift company.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we pride ourselves on our extensive clientele, our stellar reputation and our unbridled passion for everything lifts. When you use us for our lift installation service we hopefully, won’t need to carry out many lift repairs on the work we’ve done. However, things break down which is just the way life goes and you can rest assured we will on the scene quick as a flash.

We also carry out lift repairs on installations we haven’t completed and our engineers are adept with all up to date models and parts. If you’re looking for a reliable lift company who can carry out any and all of your lift repairs then look no further than Sheridan Lifts.