A day in the life of Mas’ud Mallick

This week I sat down with the affable, chatty and very friendly Mas’ud Mallick for the latest instalment of A day in the life of!

Mas very much has an international background, and has managed vertical transportation projects in the UK, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

When not working on his many projects Mas can often be found in the kitchen (usually with his earphones in) eating good sized portions of interesting combinations of food! Whatever you do, don’t be stealing his Peppa Pig mug!

I sat down with Mas and he gave us a lovely little potted history of his career.

“My projects in Saudi Arabia had the majority focusing on construction/new build as the country is in the midst of their vision for 2030. These ranged from villas with 3 stops to major hotels and apartment buildings with 20-30 stops. Not many modernisation projects but the few I managed were like Frankenstein’s son. So many variables and so many changes and amendments along the way. To the typical ex-pat working in the Arabian Gulf area, language could definitely be a barrier, but where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

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Its Mas!

“My projects in Australia were exclusively lift modernisation projects. Many heritage sites, tall CBD office blocks and apartment buildings, as well as large shopping centres. Shopping centres were by far the most fun as all the meetings were completed in a different restaurant in the shopping centre.

Most rules of engagement differ from country to country with regards to client approach, consultant weight of authority, safety procedure and culture, working methodologies for demolition and installation, local and national rules of Government, work unions, etc. The key to success is to adapt and genuinely work with an open mind and helping hand. I have loved being exposed to work abroad as it gives me a different appreciation for what we have back home in the UK”.

We then got on to talking about life at Sheridan Lifts.

“Every project, from making a cup of tea to putting a man on the moon is the same when you’re the PM. You have a certain set of milestones to achieve within your triangle. However, every industry’s projects might not be as enjoyable.

Sheridan Lifts has allowed me to integrate into a rich team and focused team. You feel like part of the family as everyone is ready to help as you are. It’s better to work together to reach the same goals and share the spoils.

So away from work, I asked Mas what makes him tick.

“I love all sports!

It could be marbles and I’d be interested. My favourite by far is rugby and surfing good waves when I get the chance. My love of travel is still as strong as ever, but as you grow older the travel plans change somewhat from lads weeks away to family holidays. Each has its own place and time”.

Thanks to Mas for being a great subject and hope you enjoyed the read!