A Real Struggle

Poor old Kerry Ruston suffers from crippling back and muscle pain, and finds it a chore scaling staircases due to chronic aches and uncomfortable twinges. She is lucky enough to reside in a block of apartments that comes complete with fully working elevator so she can easily get to and from her flat to the front door without encountering problems along the way. Unfortunately, it has transpired that the elevator has been out of use since the 11th October and Basildon Council originally stated that it could not be fixed until the 4th November. Over three weeks without a fully functioning elevator and a multitude of physical impairments, meant that Miss Ruston had every right to complain; especially since she was not told for definite when there was going to be a conclusion to the problem and just had to sit tight until the lift repair team came out to rectify the situation. They have commenced lift refurbishment work remarkably early in this instance due to the urgent nature of this particular issue; which is a real rarity as the council are actually acting on their promises for once which means that some of our money is at least well spent.

Each and every household ends up spending a fortune on council tax every month; so it quite heartening to know that it at least goes towards essential lift renovations and the general upkeep and maintenance of buildings. Residents in council apartments who have mobility difficulties find it hard enough getting around normally without setbacks and disruptions such as a faulty elevator. Lift modernisation from someone as established and reputable as Sheridan Lifts are an excellent idea as we pride ourselves on our unbeatable client care and pragmatic, direct approach. If you have created a completely innovative, fresh, original concept and want an unbiased viewpoint then why not consult one of our lift planning specialists, as they know exactly what works and what does not? The best thing about lift installation from Sheridan Lifts is that we will combine our ideas with yours and come up with something truly magnificent. For more information about our top of the range services all you have to do is get in touch with us today on 0161 826 2151.