A Roaring Christmas!

Sheridan Lifts Party with Bredbury Hall in Style – Christmas 2017!

Working in the lift industry may have its ups and downs but like every family our staff flock to celebrate Christmas and the year we’ve shared together – this year in Gatsby style!

Sheridan Lifts travelled back in time to the roaring twenties to celebrate Christmas with Bredbury Hall. Bredbury Hall greeted us with a warm and sparkly welcome into their fabulous bar – adorned with festive decorations and a jazzy atmosphere.

The night showed us a wonderful three course meal with a live jazz singer for entertainment. Our own Managing Director, Tony Sheridan, struck us all by surprise when he took to the mic to belt out some tunes with the singer! The venue kitted us out with Charleston headbands with red feathers and co-ordinating fedoras drumming up some laughs.

Bredbury Hall boasts a secret underground passageway through a stone arch dimly lit with candelabras mustering excitement as you walk through. Taken by surprise, it delivers you into charming 16th Century barn turned suave but modern nightclub – complete with DJ decks, dancefloor and a number of bars serving the best in classic beers, wines and spirits!

Jam-packed with a mix of Christmas anthems, cheesy songs and club tracks Sheridan Lifts staff danced the night away in the kicking underground nightclub which stayed open until 5am!

Sheridan Lifts give 100% in absolutely everything we do! We are committed to our customers and we are committed to our parties! Bredbury Hall showed us another magnificent year and here’s to many more with you – our friends, our customers and our staff!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Sheridan Lifts!

If you would like to contact us about jobs at Sheridan Lifts please email info@sheridanlifts.com or speak to a friendly member of our team by calling 0161 203 6299!