Jose, Jose, Jose Jose (feeling glum, glum glum)

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By Chris Jones

Published on: 02-10-2018

Welcome to the first of our sequence of weekly blog posts where we’ll be taking a look at matches / news / talking points relating to the English Premier League. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

As a Manchester based lift maintenance company, covering teams in the North West will perhaps be our focus of attention, but we’re a nationwide business with some fabulous clients in London and the South of the UK so it would be remiss of us to only focus on teams near our headquarters.

Never the less, the main talking point this week surrounds the ongoing drama at Manchester United, after their third league defeat of the season and whether or not Jose Mourinho is going to remain in his position beyond the next few weeks (or even days!)

United trailed early on at West Ham and never recovered, so what on earth is going on there? There is so much talent at the disposal of the manager but he seems to be struggling with getting the right blend or any level of consistent performance. And the defence is clearly cause for concern, despite Luke Shaw’s veritable return to form. We asked a few guys here at Sheridan Lifts and there was a good deal of shoulder shrugging. Things should be much better but nobody quite knows why they’re not.

To me, Jose doesn’t seem like a happy bunny. Over the last few years, for me he has lost his spark, and some of his witty repartees are even a thing of the past. That’s what made Jose popular with ALL supporters and the press alike.

These days, he seems battle weary as he struggles to get a tune out of the likes of talented players like Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba. And I notice he gave a hat tilt to the use of VAR after a debatable West Ham goal this weekend, but United themselves voted against the use of VAR – so there’s no consistency in their approach.

It all just appears like a bit of a jumbled mess. We know that when it clicks, it can click in a big way (see last season’s Manchester Derby at the Etihad) – but increasingly performances like that seem like the exception rather than the norm. A friend of mine said to me the other day ‘Sanchez is the cherry, but what United don’t have is the cake’. An interesting take, I thought. There really should be cake!

The Pogba situation is interesting too. I’m with Jose here to a point, you need your captain to tow the line and show solidarity, not go off-piste and essentially publicly criticise the managers tactics. Mourinho was right to strip him of the captaincy, but for Pogba you have to wonder what his end game was? Did he think it would end well? Did he expect to play at West Ham? I don’t think anyone was surprised to see him be substituted.

It can’t be all down to Jose (can it?), but when you have a manager who publicly ‘outs’ his players when they don’t perform, I guess you could say it might breed a little bit of bad blood. And bad blood can fester. A few United fans I spoke to this weekend felt Jose has ‘lost the dressing room’ whilst another commented on the lack of natural width in his chosen eleven. Time will tell if the United board will keep faith with the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’.

What do you think?

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