Lift Engineering and Installation

When it comes to developing a commercial or residential property no amount of studying Homes Under the Hammer will prepare you for the stress and hard-work property development creates. There’s building regulations, applying for planning permission – even finding a reliable construction team can cause a serious headache.

One area that won’t cause you hassle, though, is lift installation. Why, you ask? Well here at Sheridan Lifts our family-run business has over 33 years of experience in providing and installing high-quality lifts into properties. Our trusted lift engineers have the expertise to advise you on the best product for your property – we even plan the entire installation so you’ll get zero hassle out of your lift installation. We aren’t put off by a challenge either, so don’t be shy in coming to us with a difficult project.

Once you’ve approved our plans we’ll order in the lifts ourselves before installing them into your property for you. Our genuine customer service means you’ll not only get the best competitive price available but we provide all our services armed with a smile from our friendly employees.

Of course, unlike some lift companies, our service doesn’t just end when you get your lift installed. We strive to ensure our customers get the best out of their lifts for years to comes, that’s why we offer to maintain and service your lifts too.

Sheridan Lifts can offer our customers a wide range of services – no matter what size of project. For those properties that already have lifts installed we can modernise and refurbish your lifts rather than just ripping out old fittings for new ones. That way we can save you some money!

Our high level of support to our customers over the years has left us with glowing testimonials and we aim to ensure every new client is a future top review in the making.