Lift engineering services

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 12-03-2012

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

Most big companies are likely to have lifts in their offices and the importance of ensuring the machines are maintained properly cannot be underestimated as a problem with them could have a massive impact on a company. It is also important to bear in mind the need for them to be repaired properly, otherwise the firm is running the risk of a malfunction that could be costly for the business, as an accident with the lift is one of the worst things that could occur in the workplace.

Here at Sheridan Lifts we have a vast range of experience in the lift installation industry, so you can be assured we can handle the process with our lift engineers fully qualified for the job and able to carry out all of the work with the minimum of fuss at a price that is great value for money.

We will carry out a full analysis in order to determine what repairs may need to be carried out at the location, the importance of which cannot be underestimated for a company. The last thing you want is to get a lift installation company in to your office that does not use a full analysis and be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the work that needs to be carried out by our lift engineers.

So if you want a lift installation company that will assure you all of the necessary processes are going to be carried out as well as they possibly can be, give us a call here at Sheridan Lifts and we will be able to guide you through the process with the minimum of fuss.

We handle a wide range of clients, so you can be assured we have enough experience and our friendly, professional and reliable lift engineers can handle all of the work needed at your location.