Lift for Today

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By Tony Sheridan

Published on: 21-11-2012

Managing Director of Sheridan Lifts

Lift for Today


Every day before going work, one of the lifts in the apartments has been making a few strange noises over the last couple of weeks and even though I work for a lift company, it doesn’t at all ease me into stepping into it.

The lift doors have been closing rather slowly and I knew then that this lift needed some servicing, but two weeks later, the same thing appeared to be happening with an additional, heart-stopping squeaking noise to accompany it! There is however a sign to inform the passengers that the doors are slow…really?? Send Jessica Fletcher back home!

The first time that I witnessed this, was in one word – horrific! The lift took between 5 – 10 minutes to arrive at my floor and on the way up or down, I heard the squeaking noise. It was unbelievably loud. I was half tempted to take the stairs, but I live on the 9th floor! When the lift finally arrived, it took a couple of minutes for the doors to open, there was a flashing light inside and then the doors began screaming as they closed me in. I was in for a bumpy ride and thought how ironic it would be for me to turn up late for work because, I got stuck in one of our competitors lifts! They’re slow at the best of times, but this really took the Michael! Luckily, nothing drastic happened and I got out safely. Although, I thought that I may have missed Christmas and celebrated the New Year on my own in a lift, it took that long! But, as I mentioned before, it’s been at least two weeks now and I’ve not seen or heard any lift engineers come to service it. I just hope they come before someone gets trapped and if it’s me, then I will be phoning our lift engineers at Sheridan’s as I know they will arrive promptly and not next year!

With over 30 years’ experience in lift services, Sheridan Lifts understand the importance of attending call-outs and aim to get to you within in four hours (obviously the more urgent call outs will be with you immediately). Lift maintenance should always be carried out on a regular basis, in which the engineers will be testing out parts like the doors and the alarms etc… Really, it should be mentioned as part of your lift services package or agreement. If you’re experiencing the same problem as me, then feel free to give Sheridan Lifts a call on 0161 203 6299 and our team of professionals, will be able to advice you.