Avoid Breakdowns with Regular Lift Maintenance




Lift Maintenance is critical for reliability, quality of ride and above all safety and peace of mind.

Lifts only become a concern when they breakdown. Sometimes, lifts are taking for granted, they move passengers from their homes, and when working in offices they take you to your work place on the floors.

For some business, they are the life line or main arteries of their business. That is why it is critical that a good quality lift service schedule is required if you to avoid unnecessary lift breakdowns.

At Sheridan lifts, we provide a tailored service schedule that reflects the demand and environment lifts operate in. Also, there are many different types of lifts. Example, speed of the lift, number of floors, load and the environment the lifts will operate.

So if its lifts in care homes, food factories, offices or homes lift maintenance will be an integral part of the reliability throughout its life cycle. So remember, if you experience lifts running erratic always out of order, Lift maintenance is probably none existent.

Contact Sheridan’s for a competitive price with the peace of mind. Having a lift company providing the service and standard you would expect.