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Lifts aren’t exciting at the best of times and can be one of the most socially awkward places. When you step into a lift in your office block, you want some excitement and a carriage that doesn’t look like a tin box. There are some lifts around the world that are a little crazy, but extremely creative.

The Aqua Dom lift at the Radisson Blue Hotel, Berlin-Mitte, Germany has in our opinion one of the most exciting yet peaceful form of lift design. This transparent lift is situated directly in the middle of an 82 foot tall aquarium. Imagine how surreal that would be if you were in it?

Here’s something a little less peaceful! The Sky Tower lift in Auckland, New Zealand has a transparent glass window on the floor of the carriage, which means the passengers will literally have the world at their feet! We recommend not travelling in this if you’re afraid of heights!

When it comes to lift modernisation, it is of course replacing the parts, as with most things, but if you have a design in mind, something out of this world, then we can start liaising with our architects. It will certainly keep our lift engineers entertained and busy! There would be some additional maintenance involved and regular servicing, but this won’t be a problem for us!

If you think that time has come where a lift in your building is due for some modernisation, then give our team at Sheridan Lifts a call today on 0161 203 6299.