Sheridan Lifts offering help to local residents affected by Coronavirus

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we have an ongoing commitment to the community we serve, and in these terribly turbulent times we are hoping to help those people that need it most.

As such we have created a flyer that will be posted through the doors of local residents whose lift units we service and maintain. Here at Sheridan Lifts we look after over 2000 domestic units in Greater Manchester alone, and many of these residents are elderly and/or vulnerable.

sheridan calling card

Official Sheridan Lifts Calling Card

We see this as the right thing to do in such times.

Obviously with advice changing on a daily basis, we will be adhering to every guideline that the Government suggests, but whilst its OK for us to be outside, we are going to be offering this service as a goodwill gesture.

Sheridan Lifts have been operating for 40 years and our business is built on core values, we believe in looking out for people, supporting the elderly and specifically in this instance, helping the most in need within our community. It’s just what we do…

So, it’s a big hand for all of our engineers who are the lifeblood of our business!

They are the faces of the company and the ones who go out each and every day to service, install and repair lifts. What a fantastic job they all do, so lets take a moment to appreciate them!

In the meantime, if you know of any vulnerable people in the community, please feel free to doctor and re-use our flyer should you be thinking of offering a helping hand.

NB: If you need to receive the flyer as a word document, use the contact form below and I will email you a copy.