Sheridan Lifts Proud to Announce Launch of New Website

Sheridan Lifts Limited is proud to announce the launch of their brand new website. The company, which has been established over 33 years, has just completed a major revamp of their internet web presence to ensure their quality of service is mirrored online.

Managing Director, Tony Sheridan says: “Sheridan Lifts has had an internet presence now for a number of years but we felt that it was time, with some exciting developments going on in the company – new alliances and contracts – to give ourselves a fresh, new look that mirrored Sheridan Lifts today. We are very pleased with the new site and its design.”

One of the main objectives of the new site was to be able to flag up the core areas of the business. Over the next few months the company will be adding case studies, testimonials and press releases, using the system to its full potential.