What Standards Are British Lift Companies Held To?

Lift companies are among the most in-demand service providers in modern western society, whether it be for installation, maintenance or renovation services. With these companies experiencing such high request volumes, and taking into account the considerable cost of installing and maintaining a lift, it therefore comes as no surprise that there exist a number of stringent standards regulating the process of installing, maintaining or upgrading one of these devices.

Indeed, British lift companies are legally required to observe a series of official regulations dictated by higher governing bodies, failure to comply with which will result in penalties for both the provider and the client. A few of these standards are reproduced below.


Safety is the main concern influencing the the standards lift companies in the UK are held to when installing or renovating a lift. Providers are required, for instance, to assess likely hazards during construction, and take preventive measures. Similarly, a maximum cargo load should be observed, and the lift mechanism programmed to prevent normal starting should that weight be exceeded. The instruction manual, documentation and EC Declaration of Conformity for each lift should also be kept, to be made readily available should the need arise

In addition, every lift should have its individual control central, which property managers should strive to ensure is available only to qualified staff, and only for the purposes of maintenance. Controls inside the lift, on the other hand, should be clearly placed and accessible to all passengers, including people with disabilities.


Failing to comply with the international guidelines for lift installation and maintenance could see lift companies be required to withdraw a piece of equipment from the market, and both providers and clients be subject to a fine.

It is, therefore, easy to see why it is so important to ensure lift companies adhere to the standards set by local and international governing bodies!