Straight as a Die

People are strange creatures. They do not realise how odd their behaviour is sometimes. Or maybe they do; and simply do not care. You get those who will do their very best to avoid any sort of physical contact when stationed close to unknown individuals, or just tend to have their music on as loud as possible in order to drown out the sounds around them. On the flipside of this; you also tend to get some folk who try and engage in conversation with total strangers and try to squeeze as close to them as they can, which can make for an extremely uncomfortable experience if you are the unfortunate traveller sat beside them. There is a certain etiquette which revolves around elevators, as passengers will automatically arrange themselves into a position where they are as straight as straight can be; sometimes even placing their arms right by their sides and putting their feet together. Like the dots on a dice, it is uniform and consistent, until of course, you get that one particular pest who upsets the apple cart and lets the side down by getting their phone out of their pocket and creating a disturbance. Elbows flying everywhere; this handset hoodlum has made what was a mildly pleasant journey into an absolute nightmare. When will they learn?

Imagine if the elevator broke down suddenly whilst he was mid-conversation, causing the entire atmosphere to change dramatically. What would you do? Would you start to panic and ask what was going on; getting more and more frantic as time passed by? Would you instantly take charge of the situation and press the button for immediate assistance? Or would you just stand there patiently waiting to see what the outcome was?

Whatever attitude you chose to adopt; you can bet your bottom dollar that others will feel exactly the same if they were placed in this predicament. You have spent the last ten minutes trying not to look anyone else in the eye when it becomes apparent that you are going to have to work together to find a solution to the problem; and fast! Good news is on the way; as Sheridan Lifts have been called out to perform a miracle and get you to the office on time. Due to the fact that we are the best in the business when it comes to lift installation, maintenance and improvements it is rather handy that the normally ditzy receptionist got her thinking cap on and gave us a heads-up. Lift maintenance and repair has to cover all bases and take into consideration any minor details, as you have to look at the bigger picture. People often think that only major lift repairs need to be dealt with, but this is, quite frankly, not the case at all. It is absolutely essential to pay careful attention to all factors when it comes to lift servicing and at Sheridan Lifts we always do our utmost to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time. Give us a call on 0161 203 6299 if you want to have a quick chat and find out more about what we can do to help.