The Great Glass Elevator

Imagine if an elevator could take you wherever you wanted to go; be it in the past, present or even the future. Like the Tardis or Bill and Ted’s ‘Most Excellent Time Machine’ the lift featured in the sequel to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’; ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’; has powers beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and can transport passengers to places far away from the real world. Everyone would relish the opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of their day to day routine as there are so many little niggles which bother us as we go about our business. Packed train carriages, unexpected delays and traffic jams are just some of the irritating things which we encounter on a regular basis. It would be so nice to feel relaxed and comfortable on a bus or metro rather than hoping and praying that the teenagers a couple rows back would turn off their tinny music and leave you in peace. We all want a quiet life but it is nigh on impossible when you have rowdy neighbours whose dog will not stop barking. Your complaints fall on deaf ears if you pluck up the courage to protest as they completely ignore everything you say and so you are pretty much stuck for ideas as to how to improve the situation.

We would absolutely love to have a go in the Great Glass Elevator at Sheridan Lifts and our dream is to design something equally as eye-catching and magnificent. Modish, modern, on-trend lifts are all the range at the moment so why not join the ranks and invest in high quality lift refurbishments from a company with well over a quarter of a decade’s worth of knowledge and expertise? We are a dab hand at dealing with complex, drawn-out projects and are extremely keen to take on challenges head-on as we feel that a direct, no-nonsense approach is the best way in which to solve a problem. Lift maintenance are undertaken with a skilled and practiced eye by seasoned specialists who are also well-versed when it comes to lift modernisation and we constantly exceed expectations with our excellent services.