The Lowdown on Dumbwaiters

As the experts in all things dumbwaiter related, the team here at Sheridan Lifts believe that it is only right to share our knowledge with those who are uncertain on the topic. After all, there are dozens of industries that can potentially benefit from the installation of a dumbwaiter but are unaware that they exist. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this new and improved service lift…

A dumbwaiter is a type of service lift that is used in order to move goods around a property that are deemed too dangerous to be transported manually. It is important to remember that a service lift is a broad term that is often used to refer to everything from small dumbwaiters to large trolley lifts. After all, a dumbwaiter is much smaller in size, making them perfect for service industries.

From restaurant to hotels, the dumbwaiter is often found in the kitchen and provides a safe way to transport food around without exposing it to contamination. After all, the last thing that hotels that offer room service want to be doing is carrying food around the entire building when a dumbwaiter can transport it to the necessary floor and cut out the middle man. In addition to this, many private properties like flats have started installing dumbwaiters in order to help residents carry heavy loads like laundry and boxes.

The dumbwaiter is a rather misunderstood piece of technology which is why very few people understand how it can benefit them. For example, the dumbwaiters of the past were operated manually by servants in large households which leads people to think that they will have to do the same in the 21st century. In reality, a press of a button is all it takes to send the dumbwaiter to the required floor in less than a minute. In addition to this, people are often turned away at the idea of a dumbwaiter because they are associated with service industries however more and more homeowners are actually starting to have them installed.

A service lift like the dumbwaiter is a piece of machinery that can be handy in a variety of different ways. After all, it is not only restaurants and hotels that can reap their benefits! To find out more information about our range of dumbwaiters, get in contact with a member of the Sheridan Lifts team today!