This is the Modern Way

If you have planned a luxury break away in the City then what do you look for? Do you want to stay in a plush, opulent hotel or a small guest-house tucked away down a winding cobbled road? Would you prefer to chill out, relax and unwind or drag your reluctant partner around the various shopping outlets dotted around the centre? People relish the thought of indulging in some much-needed retail therapy, but their other halves might have alternative ideas. Maybe they want an action-packed weekend, full of fun filled activities such as canoeing, white water rafting and kayaking instead of being used as some sort of makeshift pack horse, as they have to lug around heavy, shoe-laden bags whilst their wife is completely oblivious to their obvious discomfort.

When you have eventually realised that they are not as interested in finding the perfect pair of slingbacks to go with that stunning vintage lace dress as they are it is time to head back to the hotel and check in to your honeymoon suite. You have been given a free upgrade, which is ever so lucky, as there has been a last-minute cancellation, and you are looking forward to a nice hot bath in the Jacuzzi suite whilst hubby dozes on the sofa. Bliss!

And what makes it even better is that the elevator has been restored back to ship shape condition as Sheridan Lifts have been on the case once again. Lift modernisation is essential to more contemporary buildings as you have to move with the times and make sure that your office looks the business. Old, rickety elevators have to be replaced with more new-fangled models and therefore it is imperative that you call upon the professionals in order to secure top of the range lift modernisation and refurbishment.

There are obvious signs of imminent elevator failure which you have to address immediately such as long wait times, poor power quality, frequent breakdowns and high energy use. If you encounter any one of these faults then it’s time to call Sheridan Lifts for the finest lift servicing that money can buy. It is our aim to guarantee customer satisfaction every time, and we are fast becoming the first port of call if ever one is in need of speedy lift services at rock bottom rates. If you have any more questions pertaining to what we can do to help just give us a bell on 0161 203 6299.