Three Factors That Can Help a Lift Company’s Reputation

In modern society, hiring a lift company has become a priority for most property managers. With lifts now an almost mandatory element of any property more than a few stories tall, most property owners tend to seek out the services of their nearest lift company to provide installation and maintenance services.

This is a large part of the reason why, in recent years, lift companies have flourished across western society, to the point where the average property manager will likely have any number to choose from in his or her immediate vicinity. As such, in order for a specific lift company to attract customers, it is important that it knows how to stand out from its peers and achieve a good reputation. Listed below are three factors which can help with this endeavour.


Knowledgeability in their field of expertise is a desirable trait for any service company, but particularly important for a lift company. The high risk of human injury an ill-maintained lift poses makes lift engineers with experience and the best training available preferable to equivalent professionals with less training in the eyes of most property owners.

Follow-Up Service

Similarly, in any business, clients tend to appreciate follow-up customer care after the initial service has been provided. A lift company which checks in on, and takes care of, its customers after the first installation will no doubt acquire a good reputation among property owners, and see their business volumes rise as a result.


Availability is also a quality many customers look for from their service companies. A lift company which makes sure someone is available to reply to enquiries at all times is sure to garner a far better reputation than one which is difficult to get in contact with.

A lift company which possesses these three qualities may, therefore, find that customers are willing to pay more for their lift servicing, if they know it will translate into peace of mind in the long run. That is certainly true for Sheridan Lifts!