Three Services Lift Companies Provide

It is not hard to see why lift companies make good business in present-day society: such an implement has become almost synonymous with vertical transportation, and most multi-storey properties will not go without one. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that companies which provide services relating to these machines will continue to find a widespread clientele.

Similarly, most property owners know the extent of the services lift companies can provide for them often goes far beyond simply installing the device. Listed below are three of the main services customers have come to expect from lift companies.


Lift installation is the basic service offered by most lift companies, and the main reason most customers seek out one of these firms. Lift installation consists of the actual handiwork necessary to insert one of these devices into a property, and is most often carried out in new buildings, or older properties being modernised.


Maintenance is the second most common type of work customers demand from lift companies, and is often directly linked to installation. Many property owners choose to retain the same company who installed their lift to provide maintenance going forward, and as a result, most lift companies enter a long-term contract with their client. This is certainly the case with many of Sheridan Lifts’ customers.


Finally, safety concerns over outdated mechanisms, or simply aesthetic considerations, often cause customers to want to modernise their existing lifts, and most lift companies will readily provide this service. Sheridan Lifts are often called upon to perform this type of service for our customers as well.

These are only the three most common services lift companies are usually asked to provide for their customers. Here at Sheridan Lifts, we are experts in all three, which might be why we are one of the most popular lift companies in Greater Manchester!