Toilet emergency


Published on: 05-06-2015

Ever been in a lift and been dying to use the toilet? It’s probably happened to most of us, but what about being trapped in a lift for hours due to an earthquake and really needing to go? It might sound like your worst nightmare but it’s what happens in Japan quite a lot due to their frequent powerful earthquakes. The most recent was a 7.8 magnitude quake on Saturday where 14 lifts were trapped between storeys.

Now, officials are thinking about the possibility of installing toilets in their lifts, as well as emergency drinking water and seats for the elderly, in case people get trapped inside. Experts have predicted that Japan is set for another “big one” in the next couple of decades that could leave up to 17,000 people stranded in elevators. Japan has 620,000 lifts with 20% of them in Tokyo alone.

Bespoke Lifts

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we’re proficient in creating bespoke lifts for a variety of different clients, both commercially and domestically, and we’re sure we could install some space saving toilets in case of emergency. It might be a trend that catches on here in the UK if Japan goes ahead. We’re fortunate in that we don’t get earthquakes here in Britain but it would be handy to have a toilet and a seat in our lifts for convenience.

If you’re interested in bespoke lifts then please get in touch with us here at Sheridan Lifts.

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