Turnkey Project Management

You know what it’s like, you want to develop or create an amazing looking building – multiple floors of brilliant design and style that will have people in awe. There’s just one problem, you need to install lifts into this building too. How on Earth do you go about getting a lift installed in a building?

That’s easy, employ a lift planning company like Sheridan Lifts who will plan and install the entire process for you making your life a whole lot easier. Master of turnkey projects, Sheridan Lifts have over 33-years experience in providing an excellent lift service to their clients – it is little wonder that they have such an unrivalled reputation for providing the best in customer service.

Sheridan Lifts are there from the start, lift planning  to lift installation meaning you get none of the hassle. Simply tell them exactly what you’re looking for and their designers will create the best plan for your needs. They will then install the lift (or lifts) into your building, so there’s no back and forth time-wasting between a design company and an installation company – Sheridan Lifts do it all!

But your service doesn’t just stop with lift installation; Sheridan Lifts can maintain and repair your product for years to come. Some of their clients have been using our lift maintenance service for over 25 years now, which is surely a sign of the quality of our service.

You don’t even need to be looking for a new lift design; Sheridan Lifts can update and improve existing lifts on your site. Especially if you’re looking for a more energy-efficient lift solution as the company prides itself on using the best in energy efficient technology.

With a lift for every business size – whatever your budget – if you’re looking to invest in a lift project management company you’d be silly not to go with Sheridan Lifts.