What a Let-Down

The residents of Wimborne House on Marine Parade in Dovercourt have become prisoners in their own home as the elevator has been out of use for the past 4 weeks. Obviously those who rely on wheelchairs to get around easily cannot scale numerous flights of stairs without encountering problems along the way and having to ask for assistance so this comes as a real nuisance. People who live in the building do not know when this situation is going to be resolved and are still waiting for lift engineers to come out and fix the fault. Because nothing has been done so far they have been confined to their rooms and cannot even venture outside as they have no way of doing so unless someone else is there. Even the staff do not seem to have any idea what is going on and can’t decipher when the elevator is going to be up and running again. Everything is up in the air at the moment so a little patience is required until the issue is resolved.

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