What do Sheridan Lifts, Man United and Man City have in common?

Well they come from Manchester and Lifting is our goal!

 As United and City battle to lift the Premier League title, Sheridan Lifts is at the top of its game lifting passenger numbers in buildings around the UK. The results this year across the UK in securing maintenance agreements have been superb. As with any company, investment is critical and it means all the hard work that has been put in, ultimately pays off in the long term – not just the short term.

Lift Maintenance is a typical example; once we install new lifts, they have a comprehensive lift maintenance agreement in place. It is our goal to provide lift service so we retain them for the life span of the lifts. This is more illustrated with the wide range of clients that we work with. We have been providing lift maintenance schedules with some clients for 25 years. Only by providing a first class service that includes investing in new technology can this be achieved successfully.

Some of the major company manufactures control equipment that is designed with their own Fault diagnostic tools. The philosophy behind this is that no other lift company can ever repair a fault that occurs with this lift as they don’t have the correct diagnostic equipment. This can lead to building owners paying far more than they should for their lift maintenance. Well it’s good for our clients that this restricted method of building a client base will never happen. All our control equipment is open protocol leaving the owner to choose their lift service provider, as and when they see fit.

So investing through a Lift maintenance agreement can pay good returns when using Sheridan Lifts to maintain your lifts. As an Independent lift company, we do not have shareholders and therefore do not have the pressure it can bring to some companies. Taking out a lift service agreement will provide you with the peace of mind for years ahead as our clients of over 2 decades have experienced.