Where have the lights gone?

Did anyone manage to catch Channel 4’s the ‘Blackout’ documentary last night? It was tense and epic! The documentary outlined what would happen if we were to witness a full blackout, with zero electricity and un-purified water. The ‘what if’ drama documentary was focused around the blackout that happened in London during the Second World War

The Blackout was cleverly directed and put together several scenarios indicating how we Britons would react during a blackout; a little irrational, but desperate time calls for desperate measures. The documentary showed hospitals being ran on creaky generators and prioritising critical patients; and homes in total darkness with no electricity. Whilst watching the Blackout, it got us thinking about what would happen if we got stuck in a lift during the blackout. How would you react? We know how we would and being lift professionals, it was a scary thought.

Unfortunately, it would be more difficult for our lift engineers to come out, but this doesn’t mean that we will leave it and wait until the power is back on. Our lift engineers will get to you one way or another and will do their best to get you out of the lift as safely as possible. Luckily, you shouldn’t get stuck in a lift anytime soon, whether it’s during a blackout or not. All of our lifts have regular lift maintenance work carried out and are fully serviced.

Sheridan Lifts will only use top of the range, high quality equipment and our lift engineers are fully qualified and knowledgeable in what they do, so you don’t have to worry.

If you would like some more information about our lift services or about our lift engineers, call Sheridan Lifts today on 0161 203 6299 and we’ll be more than happy to help.