Women and Children First

This faded photograph depicts one of the RMS Titanic’s four elevators; three of which were situated in 1st Class, the other found in 2nd. Steerage did not have the privilege of scaling the decks by lift so had to make do with Shanks’ Pony instead (or on foot, if you want to put it more succinctly). The majestic and awe-inspiring vessel was truly a sight to behold and if you were (un)fortunate to travel on her maiden-and final-voyage then you will have no doubt been blown away by the décor and design of this magnificent ship. Sadly; the Titanic has its name cemented in history for all the wrong reasons as it was one of the biggest tragedies ever to be recorded in memory. When it hit an iceberg and sank into the murky depths of the Atlantic over 1,500 lives were estimated to have been taken on that fateful day; but no-one is 100% sure of the numbers so it may be a great deal more. Not enough lifeboats meant that there was very little or no chance of survival should you have been plunged into the freezing cold water; and even if you were lucky enough to manage to make it onto a rescue boat it would have still been touch and go as to whether you were another on the long list of casualties.

Hand-carved oak, teak and maple woodwork was the order of 1912; as Thomas Andrews; the designer of this luxurious ocean liner; wanted it to be the most brilliant creation of its time; and it certainly lived up to the hype. Whoever was responsible for lift planning and installation back in the day needs a pat on the back as you can see how intricate the structure and design is and how much time and effort has gone into the composition of each machine.

Sheridan Lifts has moved away from early 20th century lift design and installation techniques as we prefer a more modern approach and have to keep our customers up to speed on the latest developments in the lift servicing and repair industry. It is a shame really; as we would have relished the opportunity to work on something so momentous and special. Any challenge will be accepted with a flourish; so if you have a cunning plan and want to put your thoughts into action then why not get in touch with Sheridan Lifts on 0161 203 6299? We specialise in all aspects of lift repairs and servicing and will not rest until a job is completed with the appropriate measures of professionalism and dedication to the task at hand.