Working from home – Our Top Ten Tips

As lift companies like ourselves are crucial businesses as laid out by the Government, Sheridan Lifts are very much still in active service.

These are unprecedented times. But as a crucial business, we rely upon each and every one of our valued team members including all of our brilliant engineers. Where possible, people are working from home. But rest assured that each and every member of Sheridan Lifts have one shared objective which is to grow our business and be part of something truly great.

Those members of our team who are at home of course face their own challenges. For example, some have families and are balancing their working day with caring for their children. This led me into thinking we should provide some tips for those who find themselves at home, people who might not have worked from home before.

So here’s our top ten tips for the homeworkers:


Try to keep the same routine as you have normally. Set the alarm as normal, go to the gym or have a shower – don’t change the things that you normally do of a working day. If you are home with the kids, you might find you have a bit of extra time as you aren’t rushing to get them out of the door. Use this to prepare for your day ahead.

working from home


In these strange times, ensure that your work area is cleaned and sanitised, that you de-clutter your space and give yourself a pleasant environment from which to operate in. One where you feel at ease. I have pictures of my kids at my desk and a kettle close to hand too! It goes without saying that having a full charge on your phone is useful too.

Equipment and software

It’s a really good idea if you are working from a desktop computer at home or even a work laptop, to have a clean-up of any unwanted applications that might be slowing down your PC. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait an eternity for documents or webpages to load. Run an anti-virus programme from a reputable source like AVG or Norton in advance to save on the air becoming blue with your rage!


How did we ever manage without good Wi-Fi? If you are able to dial in to your business’ network then all the better. If like me you are working off your own Wi-Fi, one quick call to your service provider should ensure you have the sufficient data / speed package to cope with your new found daily usage. I actually did this the other week and they sent me a new web router as mine was outdated. My web speed is now noticeably better.

working at home


I guess this is part of preparation above, but I’ve never been one for sitting in my slouchy clothes or pyjamas when work is on the agenda. Getting dressed as normal is the way forward I think. Also, if your boss video calls you and you’re sat there in your Peppa Pig top with your hair all a mess at 2pm, it may create the wrong impression!


If you’d normally have a break or two at work, have them at home as well. Keeping the same pattern should help you to retain focus and keep motivated for the challenges that your day might bring.

Work station

Speaking from experience, when working from home, comfort is everything. You may be lucky enough to have an office with a comfortable chair, but if not, try to make yourself as comfortable as you can. I’ve upgraded my office chair. It can be really frustrating if your muscles start aching because you’re slouching or getting a sore bum on a hard chair. Likewise, sitting in front of the TV with your laptop in the lounge might prove a distraction that you don’t need. Everyone is different though.

Natural light

Natural light is good and connects you to the outside world. Unless you are someone that requires to concentrate deeply with no outside noises, having curtains or windows open is a good idea and will prevent you from feeling stuffy or even isolated. Again though everyone is different, you might find that you like it dark, but for me that’s not great for my eyes!

home working


Lets not beat about the bush, kids can be a pain when you’re trying to work at home! If your children are old enough then hopefully they will understand the need for their parents to work and you not always being able to supervise their activities. You might find that if your job isn’t time sensitive, you can complete any lost time in your working day after they have gone to bed. Last night I did exactly this.

Enjoy the benefits and don’t feel guilty about them

Of course, working at home can have its benefits. Personally I miss all of my work colleagues and the buzz of the office, but it’s not all bad being at home. You can be there for deliveries. Have a cooked lunch. Take time to sit in your garden if it’s nice outside. And do any other little domestic jobs in your break times. In this unprecedented situation where home working has become the law, it’s nobody’s fault – so don’t feel bad about it.

I hope these help and happy home working to everyone!