If you are looking for a lift engineer company to deal with any aspects related to any form of lift restoration, installation or anything else regarding lifts, then Sheridan Lifts is the company for you. We have a dedicated team of lift engineers who are able to successfully tackle all types of lift work and services.

We’ve earned a wealth of knowledge in our many years’ experience in maintenance and repair of all types and manufacturers of lifts, and we are able to deal with any problem that may occur, whether it’s a minor problem or a major construction issue. You can be assured that our highly skilled team of lift engineers are fully equipped, efficient and extremely professional in their approach to any lift service that you may need. We will strive to get the problem or issue rectified as soon as physically possible, with as little disruption and inconvenience caused.

Not just lift engineers

As lift engineers when we take on any form of lift repair or installation we will do a full analysis of the project to determine exactly what action needs to be taken. All projects taken on by our skilled lift engineers are specifically designed and fully programmed to ensure that we meet the requirements of customer and in many cases exceed their expectations.

As a lift engineer company we are constantly aiming to provide a lift service that is unrivalled by any other company within our industry, by offering an accomplished and productive service at a very competitive price. Our top priority is safety in the lift industry, to minimise dangerous circumstances Sheridan Lifts fully comply with all the health and safety legislation that applies within this industry, ensuring safety in every work place.

Working with our Customers

Our initial port of call as a lift engineering company is to firstly establish a relationship by offering a free consultation service to any potential client. We will visit the client and look at the project in question in depth, this ensures that we are all in agreement regarding the works to be carried out. If you need a well established lift engineering company to deal with lift installation, lift repair, lift refurbishment, lift engineer or any other aspects of general lift services, please feel free to contact our in-house consultants.