Lift leasing

Lift leasing comes with a variety of financial benefits making it easier for businesses to acquire high quality equipment at a competitive price. You can lease all types of lifts including passenger lifts, platform lifts and service lifts.

Whilst we don’t offer our clients lift leasing equipment directly, we can point you in the right direction of where to go should this option be feasible for you. There is often minimal upfront cost and lift leasing can be an effective method of saving valuable capital to then reinvest back into other areas of your business allowing for faster expansion and growth.

This is particularly useful in cases where businesses want to avoid having their capital tied up within depreciating assets.

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Tax Deductible

Businesses that qualify for and pay corporation tax are able to deduct the leasing payments from their taxable profits, which in turn reduces the overall net cost of leasing the equipment.

Planning and budgeting for leasing payments in advance is easier than ever before. This is because, unlike bank loans and overdrafts, they are not affected by variable interest rates that can often be off putting and have unwanted negative impacts on a businesses finances.

Lease payments tend to be split over long durations, normally between 5 – 10 years. This allows businesses the opportunity to easily plan when payments are going to be made and this offers a better financial stability.

Many businesses find that by leasing equipment, it allows your existing banking arrangements to remain untouched, this is useful for when these arrangements become necessary to use in the future.