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gateway arch st louis

Unusual elevator designs from around the World

Take a look at some of these beauties

We come across elevators every day, and their designs are generally functional and often minimalist in design. However, there are architects out there who push the boundaries of elevator design and think outside the box. After all, who said lifts have to be boring? AquaDom, Germany The AquaDom; located at the Radisson Blue in Berlin-Mitte…

A highly successful trip to Dubai

The Sheridan Lifts entourage have returned home safely

Last week we reported that an entourage had left the sunny climes of Manchester for the even sunnier climes of Dubai and today we can report that all four directors are now safely home and re-united with their families! Here are the chaps... looking quite dapper we think! Commenting on last week’s business trip to…

burk khalifa from the top

Do you have a head for heights?!

Sheridan Lifts visit the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

As a UK based lift maintenance and installation company, we have long since been fascinated by the prospect of visiting the world’s tallest building in Dubai, with the summit being reached by …yes, you guessed it, our favourite form of transport! So, guess what – we’ve finally been to see it for ourselves! Gathering as…