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Site check: Brother UK International, Manchester

Two trips in a week for me

I’ve been out on the road again today, meeting one of our engineers on site to hear about some of the work we regularly undertake as part of our lift maintenance contract with a key client. I was greeted by a beautiful winters morning as I left Stockport today, crisp underfoot with the rays of…

lift repairs

Is a lift just a box going up and down?

If you think so, then you’d be mistaken

This week we sat down with our New Lifts Sales Director and all-round lovely bloke Nick Beetson for a little chat about lifts – they’re our favourite mode of transport (Ok, so we like cars and planes too, but let’s not get picky) Nice of Nick to take some time out of his busy day…

Lift Company FAQs: Hydraulic Drive or Traction Drive?

  In modern western society, the lift has become an all but mandatory fixture for buildings more than a few storeys tall, and more and more property owners seek out the services of a lift company each day. Naturally, these customers tend to have questions about the device they are planning to purchase, and a…