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A lift induction for Chris Jones of Sheridan Lifts

Yes, that’s me!

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a lift induction from two of our lift engineers at a client’s site in Manchester. It was all very exciting, informative and to be honest a wee bit scary too. I’ve been wanting to get out and about since Christmas so it was great to be able to do just that …

new motor with new traction sheaves

It’s all systems go for this large retailer

Sheridan carry out a major modernisation on a 5 tonne passenger goods lift

Our client, a UK based multi brand online retailer, required one of their most important lifts to be modernised. This business-critical lift was over 30 years old and works were needing to be completed before their Christmas peak period. The lift in question was a 7 floor, 5 tonne heavy passenger/goods lift. The lift was …