Car lifts are the future for your building

Being adept at installing, maintaining, repairing and modernising car lifts sets us apart from other local lift companies and over the years, this has proven to be vital in our success. In more recent times, car lifts have become a more popular feature of modern apartment and commercial buildings.

Multi-storey buildings that are common in bustling, metropolitan cities now are ten a penny, so it’s important that they set themselves apart from other tower blocks; much like how Sheridan Lifts sets itself apart from other lift companies. To do that, having safe, secure and convenient car lifts are the must-have addition to sophisticated buildings.

Car Lifts

Car lifts can provide security and safety for residents, as well as for their cars and Sheridan Lifts car lifts are as reliable and efficient as they come. Even the heaviest of vehicles can be moved from floor to floor and our use of state of the art technology ensures our car lifts operate to their full potential, 24/7.

Our team of engineers have a wealth of experience installing and maintaining efficient and economical car lifts. If you’re looking to set your building apart from the rest, why not consider installing a car lift?

Car lifts are set to be a requirement of any up and coming building if it is to be taken seriously. With space an ever pressing issue, car lifts are the only viable option. Ensure your building doesn’t get left behind with our range of car lifts and installation options.

Sheridan Lifts range of innovative designs is second to none. Contact Sheridan Lifts to discuss your specific requirements. Car lifts are the way forward!

Speak to us today for a whole host of specialist lifts, from platform to scenic lifts and everything else in between.



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