• Fast turnaround for new projects
  • Lifts for limited space, low ceilings, and unique structures
  • Energy-efficient, compact and easy-to-install designs
  • Range includes wheelchair lifts, step lifts, passenger lifts, goods lifts and low pit lifts.
  • Compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations
  • Reliable installations with 24/7 callout service for urgent repairs
  • Ongoing maintenance for smooth operation
  • Accelerated transportation between floors and Improved accessibility

As the leading supplier of lift installation services in Manchester to London, we’re proud to be the first choice for architects and property managers across the UK.

We specialise in the design and installation of lifts for public buildings, helping you operate productive and safe job sites.

We know that round the clock accessibility is important, so we also offer ongoing lift maintenance services and urgent repairs should you experience any problems for years after installation.

For lifts that are as innovative as they are spacious, sleek and dependable, turn to your local Sheridan engineers. 

liverpool shopping centre

Robust Commercial Lifts for New & Existing Public Buildings

We have four decades of experience in installing lifts for commercial buildings such as shopping centres and supermarkets across the nation. 

Our commercial lifts come with an advanced drive system, optimising space and functionality. We also fit pitless solutions, perfect for structures with limited ceiling space and all types of architectural demands.

Installing a lift into a historical public building? No problem.

We’re experienced in unique building structures, helping you fit a lift that doesn’t distract from the building’s heritage whilst conforming to regulations. For more information on how we navigate these challenges, see our case study on lift installations in Grade II listed buildings.

If you’re looking to partner with a lift company for an upcoming project, talk to us about our availability and packages today. 


Lifts for Shops, Offices, Hotels and More

From simple internal electrical lifts to energy-efficient elevators to advanced external hydraulic systems, Sheridan has what your building needs.

Will it be a bespoke glass lift similar to the lift we fitted for End-Clothing? Or a modern, state-of-the-art lift for large buildings like the lift fitted for Hilton Hotel in Manchester.

Whatever your commercial space needs, our lifts Increase building functionality, expand your customer base and most importantly, help you comply with accessibility regulations.

Any public building with multiple floors requires alternative transportation options for efficient operation. Whether that’s for providing access lifts for visitors or moving goods from floor to floor, Sheridan Lifts has bespoke solutions to seamlessly match the property surroundings and provide safe, and low-maintenance lifts for all buildings.

Find out more about how we elevate the shopping experience with lifts for the retail sector.

man entering a hotel lift with access card

DDA platform lifts for Commercial Buildings

8% of the UK use wheelchairs, which is why accessibility should be a top priority. We measure your space, design, install and safety check DDA-compliant platform lifts.

Our quality DDA lifts are architecturally designed for robustness and reliability, fitting both traditional and modern structures.

We work hard to make sure our wheelchair platform lifts are operated for increased dignity and inclusivity.

Goods and service lifts for improved productivity

Utilised by clothing companies, commercial warehouses, shopping centres and supermarkets alike, service lifts provide an efficient way for commercial businesses to transport goods deemed dangerous without having to lift them manually.

At Sheridan Lifts, we understand the importance of having a top-quality service lift as a part of the building renovations.

This is why our project managers and engineers work in tandem with you to create a service lift to suit your needs. From dumbwaiter lifts to or a large-scale vertical platform lift, our engineers have the industry knowledge and expertise to design the service lift you need.

Project ahead? Install our public lifts for easy and diverse transportation.

Managing a new building project? Looking to refurbish an old lift?

If you’re looking for lift services in Manchester, LiverpoolLondonLeeds and beyond, we have offices and experienced teams of designers and engineers ready to work with you.

If you have a specific design in mind, we have the capabilities to install a bespoke lift based on your design specifications. Discuss this with your project manager, and we will see how we can make the design vision you have for the lift come to life.

Take the first step towards a safe, accessible and functional space – get in touch today. 

lobby elevators

The lifts you choose will depend on a variety of factors. Most commercial buildings, such as department stores and shopping centres, may require you to install a range of lifts to help customers and employees navigate their way around the premises with ease. In most cases, you will also be required to install service lifts or goods passenger lifts to make sure employees are able to manoeuvre produce across the building without impacting customers and their experience in the store/shopping centre.

In most, straightforward cases, commercial lifts can be designed, planned, surveyed, installed and tested within 4-8 weeks. . This depends on the following factors:

  • Local authority checks and timeframes
  • Complexity and height of building
  • Dismantling and removal requirements
  • Building access for our engineers
  • Interior design choices

We are proud to hold WorkSafe accreditations from SMAS Worksafe as well as a health and safety accreditation from Acclaim Accreditation. You can discover more about our accreditations here.

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Case Studies

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The Hilton Hotel is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Manchester due to its unique structure and eye-catching shape.