Whether it’s for a new lift installation or a lift maintenance service contract, Sheridan Lifts are proficient in the industrial lifts sector, providing services to and installations of industrial goods lifts within factory environments.

We offer 40 years of industry experience and know-how – our project managers will guide you through every step of the way whilst qualified engineers will carry out work on all manner of lifts within the workplace.

We often say to our prospective new clients “give us your worst lift and let us prove ourselves with the maintenance of it”. Such is the confidence we have in our service offering, we know we can make a difference to a wide variety of businesses.


A little more about some of our clients

We all love a sweet treat, right? Park Cakes are one of the leading retailers of retailer own brand cakes, supplying quality products to the likes of Marks & Spencer’s and Sainsbury’s. They have four sites in the North West of England at Shaw, Raven, Speke and Little Hulton and Sheridan Lifts are employed here to service and maintain 18 business-critical lifts.

These retail giants own leading brands including Littlewoods, Yodel and Very.co.uk and Sheridan Lifts are employed to look after 20 lifts across four sites, we have looked after these clients for 20/30 years.

The UK’s most trusted cereal brand and makers of household favourites like Corn Flakes and Frosties, they’re gggreat! We oversee 15 passenger lifts at two sites in Trafford and Wrexham.

Who doesn’t love a pie, especially at the match! Holland’s have built their reputation on quality and over at their site in Blackburn, we are employed to look after 2 of their business-critical lifts.

Another UK household favourite, Crown Paints are one of the UK’s best-loved brands, you could even say they were decorated! Sheridan Lifts are employed to look after 12 lifts at their site in Blackburn.

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Case Studies

Kellogg’s GB

We are currently working with our long standing, highly valued client Kellogg’s GB at their factory site in Greater Manchester. Throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the site

Sheridan Lifts conducts lift refurbishment for Crown Paints

Sheridan Lifts have recently completed a lift refurbishment for one of the UK’s best-known household names, Crown Paints! Our initial instruction at their paint production factory site in Darwen comprised a full electrical refurbishment of their business critical 3 tonne goods lift (approx. 40 people) including...

Sheridan Lifts to the rescue over the Christmas period

This year, one of our key clients entered the third year of offering their Black Friday deals. The first year saw them offering deals over a 3 day period, last year they ran their offers for 11 days, and this year their Black Friday deals ran for 21 days. For this period, they stipulated the importance that all their lifts needed to be fully functional in order to deal with the high demand this would generate...