Dumbwaiters / Automatic Service Lifts

In the market for a dumbwaiter or high tec automated service lift? You’ve come to the right place. Our handy guide below will give you an idea on what you can expect for your investment, with full specifications at the bottom of the page. These effective service lifts are of great benefit to places of work including restaurants, schools, hospitals and retirement homes as well as private residences by providing an efficient and safer way to transport goods between floors.

Sheridan Lifts design and install dumbwaiters for all UK markets. Our systems can be easily installed with no mess and little fuss. Installation can be completed in as little as two days, meaning that your business won’t suffer from any costly downtime.


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Dumbwaiter Installation

Installation, testing and commission will be carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers. Once fitted, our maintenance team will see that your system is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

Developed to meet the requirements of very short lead time market, standard dumbwaiters of 50kg and 100kg capacity are readily available from our suppliers. These service level lifts are available as two or three stop,
single or through entry machines and come complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure.

The maximum travel of 4m (two stop) or 7.3m (three stop) can be easily adjusted on site. Most dumbwaiters can be supplied with either single or 3-phase drives and all car and landing finishes across the range are stainless steel, with landings having 2 hour fire ratings as standard. There is also a choice of brushed aluminium roller shutter or stainless steel vertical bi-parting door for car entrance protection.

A variety of service lifts are available depending on your needs. We are just as adept at installing high specification automated service lifts within laboratory or healthcare setting as we are at installation of dumbwaiters within residences or restaurants.

Origins of the dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiters have been around since the age of the Romans. Even in 200BC there was still a need to move things between different floors. The term ‘dumbwaiter’ itself was coined from their usage in large, rich residences where the kitchen was found in the basement or servants quarters, and the waiters were silent and never seen. Plus, since dishes and food had to be transported between the different floors, it was more practical to use a dumbwaiter.

Naturally, dumbwaiters that were used hundreds of years ago were more practically designed than aesthetic as they were often operated by a rope and pulley in order to lift the unit to the required floor and lower it back down again. The introduction of an electric motor in the 1920’s and other modern 21st century adaptions dictated that a simple press of a button can do all the work for us.

Although the dumbwaiter may seem like an old fashion addition you may only find in Buckingham Palace, it is actually an integral part of the service industry. In fact, whilst the days of rope hauling may be behind us, modern adaptions mean that heated cabins, safety locks and contamination prevention is something that dumbwaiters can provide.

When it comes to dumbwaiters, the team here at Sheridan Lifts are looking to make the lives of our customers easier. After all, the biggest benefit they offer is their ability to increase employee productivity in service industries like hotels and restaurants. Scroll down to learn more about the dumbwaiter specifications and features and how we can tailor your unit to your exact needs.

Dumbwaiter Standard Specification

50kg or 100kg
2 or 3 stop
0.45 m/s
Drive system
High efficiency traction drive
Power requirement
400v 3 phase or 240v 1 phase
2 floor up to 4.0m / 3 floor up to 7.3m (both adjustable on site)
Single or through entry (adjustable on site) 2 floor up to 4 entrances / 3 floor up to 6 entrances
Galvanised steel structure

Dumbwaiter Features

  • Car finished in stainless steel
  • Removable mid shelf
  • Landing doors
  • Vertical bi-parting doors finished in stainless steel
  • 2 hours fire-rated
  • Safety locks fitted
  • Control system
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Automatic push button landing stations

Optional Features

  • Lockable machine access door finished in Stainless Steel with 2 hours fire rating
  • Additional landing entrance assemblies with 2 hour fire-rated
  • Heated car floor
  • Additional car shelves
  • Machine room access ladder
  • Brushed aluminium roller shutter for car entrance fitted with electrical contact
  • Stainless steel bi-parting shutter for car entrance fitted with electrical contact
  • (Internal car dimensions and opening height will reduce when entrance protection is fitted)
  • Travel extension pack to increase travel from 4m to 6m (2 floor lift only)

Additional Dumbwaiter Features

  • Additional auxiliary main contactor
  • Phase failure reversal relay
  • Landing push stations complete with car position indicator, lift in use indicator and door open signal
  • Lift arrival buzzer
  • Anti-quick-reversal
  • Overtravel timer
  • Hand lamp
  • Light and socket within machine compartment
  • Wiring in loom form
  • Full set of warning notices
  • User manual
  • Comprehensive installer instructions
  • Comprehensive UK style layout drawings and wiring diagrams
  • Compliance with EC Machinery Regulations 2006/42/EC and EN81-3:2000
  • Carries the “CE” Mark
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