Dumbwaiters are small service lifts that benefit industries such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, retirement homes as well as private homes by providing an efficient and safer way to transport goods between floors.

Sheridan Lifts design and install dumbwaiters for all UK markets. Our systems can be easily installed with no mess and little fuss. Installation can be completed in as little as two days, meaning that your business won’t suffer from any costly downtime. Installation, testing and commission will be carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers. Once fitted, our maintenance team will see that your system is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

Our team incorporate the standards required – not only for service lifts – but for food industry environments. We ensure that our clients have the peace of mind that their new dumbwaiter investment will be designed and built to the highest standards. All our dumbwaiters will continue to be serviced by highly competent engineers to ensure that your new system operates smoothly for as long as possible and avoids any costly breakdowns.

We understand the demands of high pressure industries and how the installation of a dumbwaiter system can be a huge benefit to productivity and efficiency, as well as improving the safety of employees and customers.

We know your company works by providing the greatest quality of service – so that’s how we operate too. We choose the very best supply partners so that we can provide all our clients with the best value for money products, without compromising on quality.

Dumbwaiter Features

Reliability is very important particularly in a high pressure kitchen and it is equally important with service lifts. As the chef obtains the very best suppliers for his menu, Sheridan chooses the very best supply partners so we can provide our clients with good value for money products and will not compromise on quality for our dumbwaiters.

Keep the chef happy – give them suitable dumbwaiters with reliability providing the ingredients for the main course. Get started on your goods lift with Sheridan Lifts, lift company in the UK.

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