A Guide to the Modern Dumbwaiter

Although dumbwaiters were once manually operated using ropes and pulleys, the implementation of modern technology has changed their premise as we know it. In fact, the modern dumbwaiter is so advanced that your ancestors probably wouldn’t be able to recognise them! Here at Sheridan Lifts, we understand that the out of date reputation of the dumbwaiter doesn’t do them any favours which is why we have put together a brief guide on how modern adaptions have shaped the industry for the better…


In the early 19th century, dumbwaiters were a relatively new invention which means that they would operate slowly in order to ensure that the items inside were not damaged. In fact, since they relied on ropes and pulleys, the contraption could only move as fast as the person in question was able to move it. In contrast, modern dumbwaiters are now integrated with high quality technology, so they can be sent to the necessary floor by the press of a button in mere seconds, which makes them incredibly efficient.


Since the dumbwaiter was often a hidden piece of machinery in large households, its appearance wasn’t a priority. After all, the only people who would see it were waiting staff and servants. This means that they were often made from wood and it is this design that can put people off an installation. Luckily the modern dumbwaiter is now made from high quality materials that can be crafted in order to ensure that your service lift fits in with the décor.


Since it was the only way to operate a dumbwaiter at the time, ropes and pulleys were heavily relied upon however they were not the safest option. After all, letting go of the rope could send the contents back down to where it started with a huge crash! Luckily, the machinery that is integrated now prevents this from happening and high-quality dumbwaiter maintenance helps ensure that they remain in a safe and operational condition.

When it comes to the dumbwaiter, the Sheridan Lifts team are the experts to get in contact with! After all, we have years of experience and knowledge in the industry to rely on and we work hard in order to ensure that our clients choose the dumbwaiter that is right for them! To find out more information about how modern dumbwaiters can benefit you, get in contact with a member of the Sheridan Lifts team today!