• Quick turnaround for new projects, from design to installation
  • Opt for a new lift installation or technical/cosmetic lift refurbishment
  • Order lift removal service before installing a new lift
  • Energy-efficient, compact, and easy-to-install designs
  • Both commercial and domestic lifts available, tailored to your building’s needs and expected footfall
  • Choice of passenger lift sizes and types, including hydraulic passenger lifts, glass lifts, and completely bespoke
  • Compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations
  • Ongoing lift maintenance for smooth operation
  • Reactive service, with 24/7 callout for emergency lift repairs
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Explore Our Range of Passenger Lifts


Go traditional or go bespoke – no matter your preference, we offer a range of specialist lifts and passenger lift services designed to get shoppers, residents, and staff to where they need to be. Choose:

  • Energy-Saving Lifts: Energy-saving lifts help to reduce the overall carbon footprint and energy consumption of a building without compromising on safety, efficiency, or comfort for your users.
  • Glass Lifts: Glass lifts can be used to create a seamless appearance to public and residential lobbies, without disrupting the building’s natural architecture. They also give users a 360 view of the space around them, creating a dramatic outlook for visitors and residents.
  • Scenic Lifts: Scenic lifts are a unique way to show off the architecture or views of the surrounding area, directing users’ attention either outward or inward to incorporate the scenery within the experience.
  • Hydraulic Passenger Lifts: Hydraulic lifts use force, generated by fluid pressure within a cylinder-based system, to create movement. They are generally more cost effective than traditional lift systems, easy to install, and energy efficient in the long run.

Looking for a larger lift to carry more than just passengers? Not a problem. Check out our range of goods lifts, from spacious goods passenger lifts to compact dumbwaiter lifts.


Why Choose Sheridan Lifts?


We are a fully affiliated member of LEIA (Lift & Escalator Industry Association), and we carry all required certification to undertake approved lift installation works.


All of our lifts are completely open protocol, ensuring the ease of future maintenance and fault finding.


We can install a customer lift or create a passenger lift that is bespoke. No matter your choice, we offer extended warranties of up to 5 years.

Support at Every Level: What to Expect from Our Passenger Lift Service

Consultation & Design

  • Our design team will discuss with you the type of lift required and specifications to meet your building code and budget. We’ll want to know the flow of traffic and capacity to plan the right location and transportation system.
  • We’ll conduct a site survey for a replacement passenger lift or brand-new installation.
  • Concept design, energy consumption, and site-specific dimensions to meet Lifts Regulations 2016 will be reviewed by our technical engineers. Here, we evaluate the existing infrastructure and identify any modifications or reinforcements needed to accommodate the lift.
  • Depending on your preference, we’ll quote you a standard lift package or talk you through the designs for a bespoke lift – including specialist fit-out.
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  • We’ll arrange the most suitable time to carry out the work. For commercial properties, we will aim to operate safely whilst not disrupting operations – attending out of hours if preferred.
  • Our lift engineers are LOLER trained and will ensure your lift installation meets site requirements and code.
  • You’ll receive project planning updates and active communication throughout.
  • We guarantee a fast turnaround, ensuring your lift is fully in operation without delay.
  • A thorough ride comfort test will be conducted to check your new lift is quality assured and in perfect condition.
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Service Checks

  • Each of our lifts comes complete with a 12-month warranty (we’ll be happy to discuss extended warranty also – up to 5 years).
  • For ongoing maintenance, choose between a Standard, Comprehensive, or Premium lift maintenance package – available for all budgets.
  • 24-hour emergency line and 1-hour entrapment response time across the UK.
  • Modernisation and lift refurbishment services for the lifecycle of your lift.

If you’re looking to partner with a lift company for an upcoming project, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote. 

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?


Passenger lifts are the most common type of lift, and exactly as you’d expect – designed as an alternative to the stairs, passenger lifts transport people between floors.

Used both as commercial lifts to support everyday business and as home lifts to help residents with mobility issues or those in high-rise apartment blocks, you’ll have a host of passenger lift types to choose from.

Depending on the lift’s location and purpose, our engineers will advise you on the most suited lifting mechanism to install – including pneumatic, traction, and hydraulic lifts.

The vast majority of the time, passenger lifts will require a lift shaft and a pit (usually with a depth of at least 1m), which can make installation difficult in existing buildings.

In older buildings, platform lifts tend to be the lift option of choice. However, if you’re not sure what your project needs, the experienced team of lift engineers at Sheridan Lifts will be delighted to help.

In comparison to passenger lifts, platform lifts are best suited to transporting fewer passengers, travelling shorter distances, and at lower speeds. Platform lifts typically don’t travel more than 2m, and their speed is limited to 0.15m/s.

In addition to being able to be used as either indoor or outdoor platform lifts, they can also be designed to fit in vertical or angled spaces (and even around curved staircases). A platform lift does not require a large pit to be dug – a 75mm pit is sufficient – while a passenger lift requires over a metre.

A ‘corkscrew’ system is used to raise and lower the platform from the bottom. This compares to passenger lifts, which pull the lift from the top. If space is tight, a platform lift can be a good solution, as the lift standard size for a passenger lift is typically larger.

To some property managers, a lift is just a lift, and can be used for everything! However, at Sheridan Lifts, we understand both the practical considerations and safety considerations required when installing a new lift. The legal requirements for passenger lifts are very different from those required for goods lifts, which means you may well be putting passengers at risk and opening up your organisation to a range of legal issues.

If your lifts are customer-facing, there are also aesthetic considerations to take into account. In general, goods lifts are designed for back-of-house goods transfer, while passenger lifts also incorporate a range of safety and usability features designed for human users.

Yes, passenger lifts require maintenance! Lift maintenance is required for almost all lift types, and as a lift designed for carrying people first and foremost, the safety and security of users is absolutely paramount.

Whether your passenger lift is in a residential setting, high-rise building, hospital, domestic environment, or simply used as a commercial lift, explore our lift maintenance packages to ensure you’ve got cover.

In general, passenger lifts require considerable construction work in order to be correctly and safely installed, including a lift pit of at least one metre. This makes them unsuitable for many private residences, and many home lifts are actually platform lifts of some kind.

However, if there is space available for the lift shaft and lift pit in a residential building, such as an apartment block, passenger lifts can be an excellent option.

Award-Winning Passenger Lift Installation, Anywhere in the UK


Sheridan Lifts is proud to be one of the largest independent lift installation companies in the UK, with over 40 years of experience. From our Manchester, London, and Birmingham offices, we work with businesses, construction sites, and private residents all over the UK.

Our award-winning team of lift engineers are the very best at what they do, and this is reflected in our nationwide case studies. When you work with us, you’ll have expert lift industry support whenever you need it.

Got a lift project you’d like us to take on? Contact us today and we’ll get you started with a free no-obligation quote.

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