Sheridan scenic lifts (see also glass lifts) are designed with our clients from the outset. If a contemporary look is desired, a more traditional feel or even a blend of both, we will supply the highest superiority materials. Scenic lifts combine sophistication and precision in the ideal choice for high-class buildings.

Our ranges of finishes are aesthetic and elegant: there is no limit to the ornamental possibilities of our scenic lifts and all our scenic lift interiors have the exclusive Sheridan style for any building’s character. Our team of engineers are experienced in installing the most high-class, innovative and attractive scenic lifts so you can rest assured that you’ll have complete satisfaction when it comes to your scenic lift.

Sheridan Lifts Blue Scenic Lifts

A scenic lift can totally transform the feel and look of a building, taking it to whole new levels of sophistication. Opting for a scenic lift installation is one way to give your building a revamp and to ensure it makes the best first impression. Tired, old lifts aren’t ideal if you’re trying to give off an air of sophistication and sometimes, more than a standard lift installation is needed. That’s where our scenic lifts come into play.

Our scenic lifts can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The glazed-in panels with stainless steel frames combined with floors can be made of fine marble and granite to create the ultimate in scenic lift design. Our clients delightfully present us with an opportunity to offer a unique custom-built lift and our scenic lifts are second to none.

Whatever the building you are designing or refurbishing, contact our sales team for a proposal on a scenic lift installation. You will be amazed at the options we can provide and the quality of our scenic lifts.

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