What Are Scenic Lifts and What Are Their Benefits?

When you first consider installing a lift, your mind may immediately jump to the practicalities, such as capacity, size, and function – moving what you need from one floor to another.

However, it is becoming more popular to incorporate a stylish aesthetic or glass exterior into lift designs in order to enhance the practical side of travelling by lift.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we’re experienced in the installation of scenic lifts that are bespoke to our client’s needs, whether these needs be a contemporary look or a more traditional style. As with all of our lifts, we only use the highest-quality materials, but even more so in our scenic lifts where the aim is to achieve a particularly eye-catching aspect of a building.


Types of Scenic Lifts

There is an extensive range of scenic lifts that can be installed, depending on your building type, desired style, number of floors or features. Here are a few of the most popular scenic lift types:

If you’re looking to make an immediate visual impact, this is the perfect lift for your project. By adding a curved glass element to your lift, you instantly elevate the whole visual of your lift and it becomes more of an interior design piece than a standard, functional mode of transport. This type of lift is perfect for installation in office spaces, public buildings and museums. If the design of the lift is equally important as the functionality, consider a curved glass lift.

When considering lifts that allow for a memorable customer experience and are more of an attraction than purely practical, a glass-bottomed lift could be a great option. Lifts with a specially made hard-wearing glass bottom can be extremely effective in high-rise buildings, offering a bird’s-eye view of the ground below.

You don’t necessarily have to have a full glass lift cabin if that doesn’t suit your building style or preference. A popular scenic lift design choice is the two or three-sided glass lift solution. This design allows for the desired visual impact, but on a smaller scale, ensuring that you still maintain the practical elements of a lift with a splash of contemporary design.

A highly prestigious solution, these lifts are glass lift structures with 360-degree panoramic views. These beautiful lifts are extremely luxurious and immediately make an impact. Sometimes these lift designs will actually be on the outside of a building, and most commonly feature in shopping centres and office buildings.

We welcome any lift design here at Sheridan Lifts. If you have a specific design in mind, we’re more than happy to create a bespoke glass lift solution for you. Whether it’s a particular lift shape, design or a bespoke lift cabin that you’re looking for, we can work with you to ensure that your scenic lift meets all your needs and suits the aesthetic of your building.

Benefits of Scenic Lifts 

The benefits of a scenic lift can be plentiful and really change the purpose of your space. As we’ve stated, scenic lifts can become statement pieces or can blend seamlessly into the background, depending on your design.

Visitor attraction

Some of our scenic lift designs not only enhance the look of your building but can also turn into their own visitor attraction. For public buildings and tourist hotspots, in particular, a scenic glass lift actually drives visitors and becomes its own attraction. With the rise of ‘Instagrammable locations’, interesting or unique glass lift designs can become extremely popular for social media influencers and be used as photoshoot locations. This in itself will boost the profile of your building and increase interest.


Quality experience

Aside from the visuals, the actual experience of using a scenic lift can be much higher quality than that of a standard passenger lift. In fact, some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions and visitor buildings utilise scenic lifts to add to the experience as a whole. That isn’t to say that this experience is only enhanced for a tourist aspect, rather scenic lifts are extremely popular in office buildings and developments too.

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Architectural features

Our high-quality range of lifts suit all building styles, and our complete range of shapes and materials mean that you can really tailor your lift design to suit you. From the doors to the lift floor, our scenic lifts can emphasise the architectural features of offices and public buildings or add a luxury element to an apartment building. When considering a lift, you don’t have to go for a function-first design, discover our range of scenic lifts to add that extra something to your building.


FAQs about Scenic Lifts

A glass lift is simply a lift with a glass element. This glass element can mean a glass bottom or just one side of the lift has a glass panel. The difference with a panoramic lift is that, for the 360 aspect, all four sides of a panoramic lift feature glass panels. This allows users to get a full panoramic view from the lift as opposed to just out of one or two panels. Standard glass lifts are quite common, whereas panoramic lifts are rare.

Panoramic lifts are most commonly found in large commercial buildings and tourist buildings. That isn’t to say that they cannot be used in different building types, but their large presence does make them unsuitable for apartment buildings and those smaller than a four-storey building.

Given the extensive range of scenic lifts available to you, the prices can range massively from lift to lift. At Sheridan Lifts, we ensure that you’re fully aware of any costs prior to commencing work, from delivery costs to installation costs, meaning that we can offer you the most transparent service possible. Naturally, there are cost differences relating to the complexity of your design, the number of floors you want to cover, whether it’s a 5-person lift or a 13-person lift, etc. We will discuss all of these options with you to ensure we suit your needs and budgets.

Get in Touch with Sheridan Lifts

At Sheridan Lifts, we’re experts at not just scenic lift installations but also have an extensive range of other lift styles too, from service lifts to car lifts and beyond. We have over 40 years of lift experience at our family-owned business, so you know you’re in safe hands when you get a lift from us. If you’re interested in a scenic lift, or perhaps a different type of lift altogether, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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