END Clothing is one of the UK’s leading retailers for luxury fashion and streetwear, and have recently opened a brand new store in Manchester City Centre, in the heart of the Central Retail District.

As one of END’s largest stores in the UK, Sheridan Lifts were delighted to work with END on such a prestigious project right here in our local community. The Sheridan Lifts team were tasked with the design and build of a bespoke lift in the heart of the new flagship store.

The new store houses 14,000 square feet of retail space, and boasts two floors of luxury menswear (including END’s largest footwear offering to date), housed under triple-height ceilings, with a luxurious palette of marble, concrete, stainless steel, glass, mirrors and maple wood throughout.

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Getting Started

Sheridan Lifts first became involved in this project after being invited to tender via a lead opportunity from a consultant.

The initial brief was to design, supply, and install a new panoramic lift in a brand-new retail store in central Manchester. The Sheridan team knew immediately that this was a project we could create incredible results for.

We’ve been working on bespoke lift, panoramic lift, glass lift and other showstopper lift projects for many years, and we understand the unique challenges associated with these proposals.

Upon securing the contract, we got to work designing a brand new, bespoke lift that perfectly met the practical and accessibility needs of the new END space, while also keeping in line with their high-end aesthetic.

In close collaboration with the client, we agreed on the lift type and design:

A full panoramic scenic lift, within its own fully glazed self-supporting structure, and a direct-acting borehole hydraulic ram mechanism.

This lift was a fully bespoke solution designed to the client’s requirements.

sheridan lift

The Project

There were a range of challenges over the course of this project which the Sheridan team had to overcome.

The first of these was the project timescale: The contract was awarded in May 2022, with a deadline of September 2022, in line with the flagship store opening date from the client. With the pressure on, our team needed to get to work quickly.

As the lift was completely bespoke, our engineers were starting from scratch, and required products and parts from more than 20 different manufacturers. Our design and installation teams had to source and curate all of these different parts, ensuring their compatibility before combining them in the lift design and installation processes.

In line with the design of the store, the entire lift and lift container was made of glass, which means that every element of the lift is customer-facing, and every single part of the lift car, lifting mechanisms, safety features and lift electronics – right down to the nuts and bolts – had to be flawless.

To ensure the success of the project under these constraints, the Sheridan team held regular design meetings and carried out drawing amendments where needed throughout the initial design process. When it came to working onsite during the installation process, we also carried out regular site inspections to ensure work was being completed in the appropriate time frame, and to the highest standards.

As the Sheridan team were involved from start to finish, we were also able to incorporate our standards from the very beginning of the design process. Knowing our team were going to install the lift, we were able to design with more freedom and creativity, ensuring the exceptional quality of the lift finish.


Success with Sheridan Lifts

This bespoke lift project is now in operation in the flagship St Mary’s Gate store in central Manchester.

The whole Sheridan Lifts team were very proud to be a part of this project and we couldn’t be happier with the end product!

Talking about the Manchester store launch, Head of Property at END Clothing, said:

“We have a very strong community here already who have been asking us to build a physical store for many years. When we finally found this building we knew we had an amazing space that would allow us to create a concept that would match the high expectations of both our customers and brand partners. To finally see the finished product has been really thrilling for our team and I’m so proud of what they have achieved.” (via Drapers).

man installing a lift