What is Lift Servicing and Lift Maintenance, and Why is it Important?

Lift maintenance refers to only regularly scheduled visits by our skilled engineers. Preventative maintenance helps to stop costly breakdowns by providing your lift engineers with outlets to take a look at the mechanical components of your lift and identify any pressing problems or issues that should be looked at again in the future. Lift servicing is slightly different, in that it isn’t regularly scheduled, but is when we fix any potential issues or examine the lifts if something is a little off. If a lift repair needs to be carried out during a service visit, we can also make sure this happens.

Regular lift maintenance and servicing is incredibly important to ensure the safe and smooth running of your lifts, and to prevent dangerous, costly, and time-consuming breakdowns. Expert lift maintenance services are a very strong preventative measure and should be carried out regularly to catch any minor issues as quickly as possible, before they become more significant and need emergency lift repairs.


As a lift owner, as well as keeping your lifts safe and secure, preventative lift maintenance is needed to ensure that your lifts are legally compliant, and that you’re not putting your organisation in danger of legal issues or service call outs from lift breakdowns.

LOLER, or the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, established lifting operations and lift equipment regulations as a new requirement for the safe supply and use of lifting equipment.

According to LOLER, all lifts used for work activities are to be thoroughly inspected at regular intervals by a qualified person. Both lifts and hoists that lift people (passenger lifts) or merchandise (goods and service lifts) are affected by these regulations, so whether your organisation runs passenger lifts in residential buildings, accessibility and platform lifts in commercial settings or goods lifts in a manufacturing plant, you need to be able to prove that your lifts are having regular servicing and lift inspections, and are acting on any findings that are brought up during these inspections, to ensure the safety of buildings, goods, machinery and people.

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Lift Maintenance & Servicing with Sheridan Lifts

At Sheridan Lifts, we are one of the UK’s largest independent lift companies, and our experienced team are able to offer a range of lift maintenance packages to suit a range of budgets and lift maintenance needs.

When you speak to our sales team, we’ll be able to advise you on the best package for your needs, based on a range of different factors such as the types of lifts you manage, how often your lift is used, whether it is a passenger lift or goods lift, the lift size and much more.

As well as our key lift maintenance packages, we can help create entirely bespoke packages, to perfectly tailor our service to your needs and the needs of your lift users. With Sheridan as your lift service provider, you’ll get regular inspections and maintenance visits on a regular basis to ensure your lifts are always legally compliant, and that any issues can be picked up early and rectified swiftly!

The Sheridan Lifts team has a wealth of experience when it comes to lift servicing and maintenance. Our expert lift engineers are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to all aspects of lift engineering. From new technologies and lift models to new regulations and legal requirements, you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in safe hands with our service engineers.

We can also work with your team to develop additional bespoke packages and offer a wide range of lift services to ensure you’re getting the best value service possible.


Our Sheridan Standard package is the most accessible of our maintenance packages and is ideal for clients with lifts that don’t have particularly high usage rates, don’t have many floors to cover, or only have one or two lifts on-site, for example.

As part of our Sheridan Standard package, you will receive 4, 6 or 12 Service visits per annum from our lift experts, in line with legislation to ensure a well-maintained lift that is legally compliant. Our Sheridan Standard package excludes all callouts and parts from the scope, but you’ll still have access to the 24-hour helpline with a 1-hour entrapment response time and 4-hour repair response time as standard.


Our Sheridan Comprehensive package is an all-inclusive lift maintenance package designed to take care of all your regular lift servicing needs in one simple all-in-one package.

Among the many quality lift services included in the Sheridan Comprehensive package, you’ll get 6 or 12 service visits from our team of lift engineers and additional services, with any event including parts covered up to £350.


  • Guaranteed callout service within 4 hours of an emergency breakdown
  • Guaranteed callout service within 1 hour of an emergency breakdown with passenger trapped
  • Callout assistance available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Minor adjustments performed as needed
  • Engineers’ method statements
  • On-site service reports
  • Regular cleaning of all equipment
  • Regular oiling & lubrication of moving parts and oil systems
  • Risk assessment completed in full
  • Assigned personal key account manager

In our Sheridan Premium package, you get all of the 4,6 or 12 service visits you’d get in the Sheridan Standard package, as well as any callouts to lift breakdowns for repair services during normal business hours included at no extra cost.

This means you’re covered during peak times and when footfall is highest, which is when your lift needs to be performing at its best.


How Often Should a Lift Be Inspected and Maintained?

Legally, any lift carrying people, whether it is a passenger lift or hybrid passenger and good lift, needs to be inspected at least every six months. If the type of lift is only used for goods, such as car lifts or dumbwaiters, for example, then it must be inspected at least every 12 months. However, in order to ensure that the lifts we have maintenance contracts with remain compliant at all times, we recommend having more regular inspections.

If you notice changes in the performance of your lift or have any concerns around the safe operation of your lifts – even if nothing has happened yet – building managers should give the Sheridan team a visit to make a lift service visit. Having a reliable lift is vital for the safety of your users and is the responsibility of businesses and building owners. Our team pride ourselves on our quick response and excellent communication and will be with you in a timely manner to offer quality lift services to our customers.

More regular lift inspection and maintenance visits not only ensures your lifts are never out of action due to a delayed inspection, but also makes maintenance issues or breakdowns far less likely.

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Lift Inspections vs. Lift Maintenance vs. Lift Servicing – Is There a Difference?

Lift inspections or examinations are an incredibly important part of overall lift maintenance contracts, and allow us to identify potential issues before they become issues! During lift inspections, your lift engineer will look to identify any parts of the lift that are or have the potential to become dangerous. During regular lift inspections, any issues are reported to you, and also to the local authority or health and safety executive in order to make sure that steps are in place for a competent person to help fix the issue. If lift services are recommended sooner than your next annual inspection, this will also be detailed in the report. Generally, detailed inspections are carried out separately to lift maintenance or repair visits, but it’s important to have both of them in a comprehensive lift maintenance plan.

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In most examinations, your lift company will start with a risk assessment, considering factors such as the type of lift, where the lift is being used, how often the lift is used, the age and condition of the lift, the weight of loads to be lifted, and many other factors. Your lift engineer may also suggest a visual inspection or testing of lifts if their risk assessment deems it necessary. A typical regular examination will generally include an inspection of the following, as well as a range of other industry-specific and model-specific checks.

  • Assorted gearing
  • Braking system (including buffers and overspeed)
  • Electrical components and electrical mechanisms
  • Govenors
  • Hydraulics
  • Landing & car door interlocks
  • Landing and car doors
  • Overload detection devices
  • The lift shaft
  • Safety gears
  • Suspension chains and chain systems
  • Suspension ropes
  • Main drive system components
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It is important to distinguish thorough examination from preventive maintenance, however, there are some similarities between them. Preventive maintenance is a service that is carried out, like a lift inspection, on a regular basis. Routine maintenance generally involves qualified lift engineers replacing worn or damaged parts, topping up fluid levels, and making routine adjustments to reduce risks. In addition to checking that regular maintenance is being done properly, a thorough inspection can also serve to improve it. Lift service duties are also needed as part of a lift service contract to make sure you always have someone on hand to ensure the ongoing efficient operation of your lifts.


Lift Maintenance Packages

Here at Sheridan Lifts we have built a lift maintenance portfolio based on trust, competency and, more importantly, reliability – ensuring YOUR lifts are up to current standard and causing you minimal disruption in the long term.

We also understand the communication between ourselves and you, the client, is as important as ever before, so the protocol we have in place within our lift maintenance department ensures your queries, if any, are dealt with efficiently and effectively. We know how important it is for building owners and managers to have a contact for service and support when it comes to your lifts. We offer a range of different levels of cover to suit you, and Sheridan Lifts would be happy to look at your current lift maintenance arrangements and provide a proposal based on your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss this with your Regional Service Manager – We are here to help!

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