Car Lifts

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we’re one of the few lift companies who specialise in installing, maintaining, repairing and modernising car lifts / car parking lifts. Please note we do not maintain vehicle lifts within garages.

Over the years car lifts have become a vital and popular component for apartment blocks and homes nationwide with multi level car parking systems. They have become the revolutionary way to transport vehicles from floor to floor in multi-storey buildings. Sheridan Lifts have high quality car elevators available, which can provide top security and safety for both residents and passengers.

All of Sheridan Lifts car elevators are reliable, efficient and economical. They have the ability and strength to hold even the heaviest of vehicles due to our state of the art technology and exclusive features that will guarantee the car lift to continue to operate and function smoothly. We have a team of fully qualified lift engineers who can successfully and safely install car lifts in your building.

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Multi Level Parking Car Lifts & Elevators

Whether you’re constructing, developing or designing a new multi-storey building and have considered installing a car lift as a new feature, we’re confident that you’ll find the exact services and requirements with Sheridan Lifts. After being in the lift industry for nearly 40 years, we are one the most reputable lift company names that you’ll come across, and no one understands car lifts and other lift services like we do.

Our expert team effectively deliver concise and professional lift solutions, with a range of innovative designs and specific car lift weight requirements. Attention to detail is guaranteed when installing and maintaining reliable car lifts.

Sheridan Lifts have a 24/7 service available to help with any questions or queries you may have, or just to clarify and advise to give you peace of mind.