Why Install a Home Lift?

Home lifts can be a great boost in value to a property, but it also works to vastly improve accessibility for users with disabilities or mobility issues, helping them to remain independent and to stay in their own homes. Users can avoid having to move home, for example to single-story properties, with a home lift because they can access all levels of a home efficiently and easily. In addition to mobility issues and the fact that many buildings have several floors, there are various reasons why a homeowner may be in need of a lift in their property. 

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Improved Safety

Those who are less mobile may find that using a lift rather than stairs is safer and easier, which is another advantage of lifts in the home, as climbing stairs can be dangerous when you have reduced mobility. Furthermore, a lift can be designed so that it is only accessible by specific people, adding an extra layer of security to a building.

Space-Saving Design

As home lifts can be customised and tailored to fit a property’s needs, users can choose a lift that matches the design of their home. With low pit options, lifts can also be installed in places where space is limited. Additionally, stairs can actually take up more space than a lift, so lifts are a better solution for many homeowners when it comes to working around the physical footprint of their home.


Residential lifts can be a highly functional home solution, even when a user has no reduced mobility. Having home lifts minimises the need to climb steps on a daily basis, and people are no longer required to carry heavy loads up and down their stairs, which can be dangerous, tiresome, and time-consuming. The convenience and luxury associated with home lifts make them a popular choice for many homeowners looking to free themselves of regular chores and extra work in their daily lives.

Ease of Use and Simple Maintenance

A residential lift is easy to use, regardless of whether the resident is elderly or has health issues that limit their mobility. Lifts are easier to use since they only require a button press to work, while taking the stairs sometimes isn’t an option. Maintenance of a home lift requires little effort or time, so they can easily be kept in good condition, and the team at Sheridan Lifts can take care of any issues. These days, elevators are not only installed in commercial and industrial buildings, but they are also available to homeowners, and with a range of increasingly affordable options, many people are enjoying the benefits of having one installed on their property.

Give Your Home a USP

In the luxury housing market, in order to offer true value to potential buyers and create the best possible return on your investment, many homes will need a USP. For some homes, this might be an exclusive postcode, incredible view or expansive land, but for other properties their value comes from all of the amenities that they offer to prospective buyers. In these homes, amenities such as a home lift can make a huge statement and really raise the value of a property.

FAQs About Our Home Lifts

The cost of home lifts can vary very significantly depending on lots of different factors. At Sheridan Lifts, we offer a range of different lift types, each with its own advantages, disadvantages and price points. The cost of a home lift will also be a little different depending on your provider – at Sheridan Lifts, we make sure to include all costs associated with a lift project, from start to finish, before we start work with our customers. By ensuring that our customers are aware of building costs, installation costs, delivery costs, ongoing maintenance costs and any other factors that might affect the quote we provide, we’re able to offer quality, transparent service without any hidden figures at the end!

There are many different types of home lifts available today, each with its own applications and advantages. Some of the lifts we install for our customers at Sheridan Lifts include:

  • Cable-driven home lifts
  • Chain-driven home lifts
  • Machine room-less home lifts
  • Hydraulic home lifts
  • Pneumatic home lifts
  • Step-through lifts

There are many different types of home lifts available, including platform lifts, through floor lifts and stair lifts, to name just a few. The right lift for your home use will be different depending on your needs, the function of your lift, the shape of your home and a whole host of other factors. The lift engineering team at Sheridan Lifts are experts in designing, installing and maintaining home lifts, and are always happy to offer help and guidance to all of our customers.

Yes, adding a lift to an existing home is something that can be done by our lift engineers, and is a very common job for our team. Most lifts that are installed into a home are platform lifts or step through lifts, as they don’t require a lift pit and the building work that comes with other kinds of passenger lifts, but this is something our team will be able to speak to you about to make sure you’re getting the right product for your home.

Again, the amount of space your home lift requires will be based on the kind of lift you choose and the space, weight and safety requirements you have. As a basic rule of thumb, passenger lifts tend to require at least 25 square feet (2-3 square metres) of space, while platform lifts require less space and can fit into most stairwell spaces!

Why Choose Sheridan Lifts for Your Home Lift Installation?

At Sheridan Lifts, we have decades of experience in installing and maintaining high-quality home lifts for customers with a wide range of needs. With over 40 years of experience in the lift installation business, we are one of the leading independent lift installation companies in the UK. We have built a team of experts who have dedicated themselves to the work we do. Together, we strive to deliver top-quality service to our lift installation clients.

With Sheridan, you always have support regardless of the situation, and our team is always looking for new and better ways to improve and expand our skill set. This is why we’re always seeking new ways to enhance our skills and practices. Our commitment to quality work and service is also backed by a number of industry accreditations and qualifications. If you’re interested in a home lift installation project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sheridan Lifts team, who will be happy to help!

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