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As one of the leading lift suppliers in the UK, Sheridan Lifts has installed lifts and carried out maintenance for a wide range of hospitality companies. With us, you are guaranteed competitive prices and quality, round-the-clock support, and a catalogue of lift types to choose from. Our expert network of lift service engineers are on hand to help support our clients in the food industry, and offer preventative maintenance solutions as well as lift installation and repair services with minimal disruption to your every day!


Why does your catering company need lifts?

As long as you have access to a kitchen or bar area, you should consider investing in lifts. Not only do they provide convenience and ease of movement for your staff, but they also improve safety significantly, reducing the risk of injury and accidents. In some companies, lifts will be a basic safety requirement to carry high capacity loads.

Some of the benefits that lifts can have for hospitality and catering businesses include:

  • Seamless service – if your premises or working location has multiple floors, lifts can make sure your guests see a high-quality smooth operation.
  • Quicker operations means reduced costs – if your team are able to carry out tasks more quickly and efficiently, you’ll save costs on staffing, training, utilities such as electrical consumption, and more.
  • Improved safety for staff – having food lifts, goods lifts, kitchen lifts or other types of lifts in your kitchen means that staff don’t need to do as much heavy lifting reducing the risk of injury.
  • Reduced damage to stock – if stock is incorrectly transported or dropped by staff going up and down stairs, your business could be losing money and increasing waste. Reducing that load means less risk and ultimately higher profits.

Choosing the right lift for your catering company

Be it a restaurant or a cafe, if you are a catering business within a sizeable building, you will likely need to transport both heavy and delicate items from floor to floor. This is where a lift will come in handy.

Service Lift

A popular lift used in restaurant buildings and cafes is a service lift. These lifts play a big role in increasing efficiency.

At Sheridan Lift, we install a range of service lifts, from dumbwaiter lifts, which are great if your kitchen is on a separate/different floor to your restaurant area, to a full-scale lift, which will allow you to transport larger items, such as weighty food deliveries, across the premises. Platform lifts such as roll cage lifts can also be used in larger premises and for industrial applications.

During the install, we will provide you with a project manager as well as engineers and technicians who will work closely with you. If you already have certain ideas, in terms of the design, or have specialist requirements you want the lift to meet, our dedicated team will be able to create a bespoke lift to match the vision you had in mind.

We ensure our service lifts meet the required regulations, such as Manual Handling Regulations and Industry Health and Safety Regulations, to pass all building inspections that corporate buildings are subject to. You can discover more about our service lifts here. 


Passenger Lift

Most people are familiar with passenger lifts. In the food catering industry, where food warehouses and restaurants often require both staff and customers to navigate multiple floors, passenger lifts can be essential for both ease and accessibility.

Our range of passenger lifts includes 25 different lift car sizes and layouts, so you can choose the lift that fits in your desired location. If you have certain dimensions and other specifications, let us know and our team will be able to discuss the possibility of creating a bespoke lift model.

You can find out more about how we install our passenger lifts here.

Passenger lift

Goods Passenger Lift

All buildings designed for the food catering industry need to harness the ability to transport heavy goods. This may be heavy kitchen and catering equipment such as ovens, dishwashers, industrial counters, electrical equipment, storage, cooker hoods, or large deliveries. An efficient way in which to do this is by installing a goods passenger lift.

Installing a goods passenger lift will enable you to move the necessary items from one floor to another without worrying about space. As goods passenger lifts are typically located back of house, they typically have a more stripped down design than a passenger lift – but helpfully, they can still be relied on to transport both goods and passengers with ease, if necessary.

You can contact a member of our team and discuss installing a goods passenger lift here.

Goods Lift

Sheridan Lifts: Providing you with long-standing lift solutions

As with anything, lifts are vulnerable to the occasional breakdown. We understand the impact a halt in production or a breakdown can bring to warehouses and factories. This is why, at Sheridan Lifts, we offer a range of maintenance contracts. Our engineers and technicians work effortlessly to resolve your issues promptly when a lift does begin to have issues or break down, so you can resume business as normal in no time.

Our repair and maintenance services include a 24/7 customer service number for enquiries, which allows the technicians and engineers at Sheridan Lifts to respond to your enquiry and appear on site as soon as possible in the event of a lift breakdown. In addition to this, we also have a one-hour response time for lift entrapments.

Keep your lifts in pristine condition with our repair services today.

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As a building owner, you are legally obliged to make sure the lifts you install are inspected every six months or every twelve months, depending on the type of lift. Lifts used by staff or the general public, such as passenger lifts, should be inspected every six months, while goods lifts should be inspected annually.

As a leader in our field, we stay informed about the latest regulations and guidelines. This enables us to make the necessary adjustments during our maintenance appointments.

Depending on your needs, Sheridan Lifts offers a variety of maintenance packages:

  • Standard
  • Comprehensive
  • Premium

Each of our packages comes with key characteristics in line with your budget and needs. As the catering industry requires constant upkeep and quick turnarounds, you should factor in things such as regular maintenance checks and access to our emergency services when choosing which package to go for.

As leaders in the field, our engineers and technicians are able to predetermine a problem before it actually happens to save you money and time in the event of a lift breakdown. If you have specific requirements you would like to see in your package, contact us today and we will be able to discuss the correct maintenance package for you.

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All lifts eventually reach the end of their life cycle. It is not uncommon to need a reboot after 20-25 years due to regular wear and tear. But did you know, if checked before the time comes, you can extend the lifespan of a lift by up to 15 years?

Alongside our lift installations, we also provide refurbishment services. At Sheridan Lifts, we ensure the key elements of the lifts remain in pristine condition. This includes making sure the interiors, such as the lift mirrors and handles are glistening and scratch-free, while also checking the electrical components and mechanisms of the lift to make sure your lift is set up for continuous operation and reliable performance when you need it.

You can save money by using our lift refurbishment services if you need to budget and keep an eye on capital. Refurbishing lifts will not only save you money in the long run by preventing the need for a new lift before it is needed, but it will reduce breakdown costs and the consequences of a broken lift.

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Sheridan Lifts: The UK’s leading independent lift company

When you hire a company like Sheridan Lifts to handle your lift needs, you know you are dealing with an organisation that:

  • Works across the UK – We have offices in London and Birmingham, as well as our head office in Manchester. As a company with a client base that stretches from Liverpool to Leicester, we have technicians scattered across the country installing lifts for both large corporations and local authorities and offering our signature Sheridan service, from delivery to handover.
  • Is reliable and trustworthy – We are proud to announce that we have been accredited by SMAS Worksafe. Additionally, we have been accredited in health and safety by Acclaim Accreditation. Click here to view the full list of our accreditations. 
  • Is passionate about what we do – Starting with our founder, Stanley Sheridan, a love of engineering is the history and future of Sheridan Lifts. We live it every day, it is part of us, and it is why we continue to design and innovate industry-leading lifts for clients across the UK today.
  • Offers a one-hour entrapment call-out commitment – Being stuck in a lift is never ideal but it can happen. This is why we guarantee to arrive on-site within one hour of receiving the enquiry. We have technicians and engineers in strategic positions across the UK to accomplish this.
  • Is trusted by some of the nation’s well-loved businesses – Sheridan Lifts has installed and delivered lift services for a range of big corporations, such as Kellogg’s and San Carlo, as well as local authorities such as Rochdale Borough Council and the National Health Service.

Interested in getting a catering lift installed by Sheridan Lifts? Contact us today.

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