Supplying the nation’s educational establishments with lifts they can rely on

Educational establishments such as community learning centres, schools, colleges, and universities have a lot of people coming and going. School lifts and educational lifts can help to manage this flow of people, improve accessibility and increase value for building owners, among many other benefits.


At Sheridan Lifts, we ensure the lifts we install are as inclusive as possible to make sure everyone who enters the building is able to navigate their way across the different floors. As there is generally a high amount of traffic in these buildings, our technicians and engineers are trained to be flexible and efficient to ensure minimal disruption. This is why our clients in this sector trust us to get the job done quickly, effectively and safely, making sure lifts are durable and on hand for users to utilise for years to come.

We can install lifts in a range of different buildings, including:

  • Nurseries
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • College buildings
  • University buildings
  • Other educational buildings

Lifts to suit your needs

Passenger Lifts

A lift commonly used across the majority of sectors we work with, including the educational sector, is the passenger lift. Passenger lifts are created to transport people to their designated floor. Nowadays, most schools, colleges, and universities will have these conventional lifts installed in their buildings.

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we are proud of our passenger lift portfolio which includes 25 different standard lift sizes and designs, so you are sure to find a lift amongst them to suit your requirements. Designed to last, they are created with durable materials so building owners will not have to worry about regularly installing a new lift. Our lifts will run smoothly and effortlessly for years to come.

Already have a certain design in mind? Discuss this with us during our initial consultation and our project coordinator and engineers will be able to take this into consideration, and design a tailored lift that matches your vision.

passenger lift

Goods Passenger Lifts

Whether it is technical equipment or food deliveries for the building cafeterias, colleges and universities will need to transport goods from the loading bay to the designated floor. This is where installing a goods passenger lift in the building would prove to be beneficial. 

By installing a goods passenger lift, you are able to transport heavy goods without having to manually take the stairs or take up additional room in a regular passenger lift. You can either place them in secured areas of the building or place them next to your passenger lift. One benefit of a goods passenger lift is that you can also use it to transport passengers, which means that someone can travel with your goods to make sure they don’t get damaged during transit. They can also assist with accessibility in schools so all students have access to the entire building.

interested in finding out more about our goods passenger lifts? Book a consultation with a member of our team today.

Goods Lift

Energy-Saving Lifts

Are you worried about how much energy a standard lift consumes? By using a green lift, you can save 80% of the electricity you would use with a regular lift.

At Sheridan Lifts, we use the latest elevator technology to create a lift that will not only cut down on your CO2 emissions but also reduce your high energy bills. We do this by creating bespoke lifts that incorporate a standby mode, which activates when the lift is not in use. This helps to reduce the amount of wasted energy that is generally procured when a lift is not in action.

Our energy-saving lifts also use low-energy LED lights instead of the halogen lights you find in most traditional lifts. Not only does this make for a more energy-efficient lift but it also enables them to last longer than regular lights. You can find out more about our energy-saving lifts here.

Passenger 7

Fire and Evacuation Lifts

Fires can happen, especially in schools, colleges and universities where there are lots of people, classrooms, and labs. To help diminish the impact of a fire on the rare occasions they arise, Sheridan Lifts install fire and evacuation lifts, as well as providing fire-stopping services to prevent the fire from spreading through the building. 

By installing a firefighting lift, firefighters are able to take the equipment they need to the location of the fire and evacuate people when necessary. Unlike traditional lifts, they are designed to function during a fire.

When installing a firefighting lift, our technicians and engineers install safety features such as the fireproof lift shaft, as well as an escape hatch to assist with emergency evacuations.

You can find out more about our fire fighting and evacuation lifts here.


Doing more than just installing lifts

For every lift that you have installed, it is required you have it routinely inspected. The standard inspection time is usually every six months for lifts which transport people (passenger lifts and goods passenger lifts) and every twelve months for service lifts. At Sheridan Lifts, we provide a range of maintenance packages and contracts to suit the wide range of lifts and customers we work with.

Not only do lift maintenance checks make sure your lifts remain in line with the latest guidelines, they also help make sure your lifts are keeping up with the demands of daily use. As leaders within the industry, we are able to determine when a lift is in decline and rectify it before it becomes an issue, impacting the flow of the building.

Lifts in buildings such as schools, colleges, and universities require constant maintenance, so we would recommend our premium or comprehensive packages as they include up to 12 service visits as well as emergency call-outs and breakdown cover. Unsure which one is right for you? Contact your local regional manager today.

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The shelf life of a lift lies somewhere between 20-25 years depending on how well it is being looked after. It is around this time that lifts often need replenishing due to their daily use. If refurbished correctly, and before the lift is on its last legs, you can increase its lifespan by another 15 years – allowing you time to save money and removing the need to purchase another lift hastily.

Part of the refurbishment services we provide here at Sheridan Lifts includes making sure the interiors of the lifts (the mirrors and handles) are in pristine condition, as well as ensuring the electrical equipment and the mechanics of the lifts are functioning at the correct speed and remain in good working condition.

Lift refurbishment not only prevents you from having to replace your lift as quickly, but also reduces breakdown costs and the consequences of a lift breakdown.

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Like anything else, lifts are susceptible to breakdowns. We offer our customers a variety of maintenance contracts which include lift repairs. We appreciate the impact a breakdown can have on a building such as a university or a school. It creates more pedestrian traffic on stairways and is an inconvenience to those using the space. At Sheridan Lifts, industry-leading engineers and technicians work with you to quickly resolve any issues and ensure your lifts are back up and running promptly, causing minimal disruption so the building can function in the correct manner in no time.

Our lift repair services also include a 24/7 customer service number to call in case of emergencies. You can make an enquiry at any time of day and a member of our team will arrive on-site to inspect the situation as soon as possible. In the case of a lift breakdown with personnel in the lift, our response time is an hour.

Want to know more about our lift repair services and see how they can benefit you? Contact your regional manager today.

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Lift Projects in Schools, Colleges and Universities

At Sheridan Lifts, we have worked to install hundreds of lifts for schools over the years, which means we have a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced by education establishments when it comes to carrying out building and technical work.

Access to school buildings can be something that many contractors struggle with, due to the hustle and bustle of school life! When parents send their child to school, be they primary school pupils, secondary school pupils, or college and university-age students, it’s important that they are reassured of their safety at all times.

Sheridan Lifts have a range of accreditations that show when it comes to specialist school lifts, we are the right choice.

Our team of expert engineers can work around school holidays, the times of student’s arrival at school and departure times, and school preferences to make sure any new lift projects can be carried out smoothly, and without endangering students.


The Benefits of School Lifts and Lifts for Education

The majority of schools, university buildings and colleges will have 2-6 floors. This means that disabled access can be difficult without the provision of a practical passenger lift or platform lift. Lifts in educational institutions provide access to students, staff, and visitors with mobility impairments or disabilities, and ensure that everyone can move around the building and access all floors without any difficulty.

Lifts are generally the safest way for individuals to move between floors, particularly for staff, students, or guests with mobility issues. In instances where stairs may be difficult or dangerous for individuals to use, having lefts nearby is incredibly important to ensure everyone can access the facilities in an educational building safely and freely.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever that educational institutions are inclusive of many different people and their needs. Installing a lift is a practical and genuine demonstration of an organisation’s commitment to inclusivity.

Time is of the essence in schools! Particularly between classes, in mornings and afternoons and during breaks, it’s vital that staff and students are able to get where they need to be quickly, saving time and increasing productivity. Lifts enable a quicker, more efficient movement of people to meet the needs of schools at peak times.

Installing lifts in educational institutions can also increase their property value, thus increasing their appeal to potential buyers or investors.

Sheridan Lifts: The UK’s leading Independent Lift Company

Sheridan Lifts is a family-owned business that has installed, refurbished and repaired all kinds of lifts for over 40 years. For three generations, our company has worked tirelessly to establish a stellar reputation.

With a company like Sheridan Lifts spearheading your project, you can expect:

  • A highly accredited service. We take pride in our accreditations, including the SMAS Worksafe and the Acclaim Accreditation Certificate of Health and Safety accreditations. Our full list of accreditations can be found here.
  • Deep-rooted passion for the industry. As a family-owned business spanning more than four decades, what we do isn’t just a job. It is part of our being. Launched in 1979 by Stanley Sheridan, a trailblazer within the field, he passed on his passion and expertise to generations of Sheridans.
  • One-hour entrapment call out – No one likes being stuck in a lift, but it can happen. At Sheridan Lifts, we guarantee to arrive on-site within one hour of receiving the enquiry if someone is stuck in your lift. We have technicians and engineers all across the UK who will arrive on the scene quickly, regardless of your location.
  • We are trusted by some of the nation’s most well-loved businesses – We have installed and delivered lift services for national companies such as Kellogs and San Carlo, as well as local authorities such as Rochdale Borough Council and the National Health Service.

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