Snap, crackle, pop and lift!

This week Sheridan Lifts visited one of their biggest sites, Kellogg’s factory. That’s home to the popular cereals we all know and love today.

The factory is a special place kitted wall to wall with some of the most precious Kellogg’s relics through the decades. From the first printed ads to the latest Tony-Tiger endorsements inside is a nostalgic museum, nodding to every decade of your childhood, and even your children’s childhood too!

From t-shirts to wall clocks, to pay-and-play machines the factory crackles with a warm sentimental pride. The hustle and bustle is noisy but the sweet smell of sugar dusting takes you back to the early morning school run crunching on your family’s favourite cereals.

Trafford Manchester UK 05/27/2019 Kellogg's Factory Building.

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Now, Sheridan’s residential engineers at Kellogg’s relive the same experience every day. Maintaining lifts is hungry work! That’s why two of our engineers are permanently stationed at the factory poised to maintain any lift, as soon as they need us.

Break downs in lifts in fast-moving factories can be absolutely fatal to production. They can incur critical costs and even tarnish a reputation if the producer is unable to deliver on time.


Sheridan’s do our bit by making sure our vast range of lifting equipment and roller shutters are always in tip-top shape! As a company with a stellar reputation maintain, Sheridan Lifts understand it is paramount that everything runs gr-r-eat at the Kellogg’s factory!

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