Sheridan Lifts are one of the longest-standing independent lift companies in the country, with more than 40 years of experience installing, repairing, or maintaining passenger lifts and service lifts in a variety of retail environments.

Regardless of the size or layout of your property, we can help to install or maintain a lift that works perfectly for your staff and customers, improves efficiency and increases accessibility for your building. Our team of lift experts are highly experienced when it comes to understanding the unique challenges faced by building owners in the retail sector, so are perfectly placed to handle your next lift project from start to finish!

Retail Lifts for Customers

There are a couple of different main types of lift projects we work on in the retail sector.

The first type of lift you might imagine when you think of lifts in the retail sector are customer lifts. These are usually passenger lifts that customers (and staff) can use to get quickly and easily from floor to floor in a retail environment, in both individual shops and shopping centres as a whole. If your retail outlets have multiple floors or mezzanine floors, lifts can help to improve your customer experience in-store. British consumers have seen a shift into online sales in recent years, so creating in-person spaces that are enjoyable to spend time in is so important when it comes to retail sales. Particularly for disabled customers and wheelchair users, reliable access to all areas of a store is absolutely vital. In smaller stores where passenger lifts aren’t always a viable choice, vertical platform lifts are also a great way to improve accessibility without taking up as much space as a full passenger lift.

Bespoke passenger lifts can also be used to create showstopping retail spaces. Bespoke lifts, panoramic lifts, and glass lifts can all be used to offer users an exceptional travel experience, and show off your retail space as a whole. At Sheridan Lifts, our custom lift design team works closely with all of our clients to ensure that your lifts meet the same aesthetic as the rest of your store, and work as part of your overall cohesive visual identity.

Goods Lifts and Dumbwaiters for Stock Rooms

As well as having passenger lifts for users, lifts can be used for staff to help move stock and goods in the stockroom or when receiving deliveries. Goods lifts can offer staff unimpaired access to goods and other areas ‘behind the scenes’, allowing them to navigate differences in floor height in stockrooms, get convenient access to different floors in your property, and make the most of all spaces in the store. If your staff are moving heavy items or expensive items, lifts can also help reduce the risk of damage to these items by reducing the strain on individuals!

In areas where access is difficult lifts can open space up, making them a perfect solution when it comes to improving customers’ shopping experience or making life easier for staff at your busiest times.

Not only can the installation of reliable lifts massively improve staff efficiency but goods lifts, dumbwaiters and other lift types can help to reduce the physical load on staff, resulting in fewer injuries at work caused by heavy lifting or carrying.

If you’re looking for new lifts, lift maintenance, or lift repairs for your retail location, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sheridan Lifts – our friendly customer support team is always here to help!


Why Install Retail Lifts?

Improve accessibility

Lifts are the most popular and highly recommended options when it comes to essential customer access solutions. Both passenger and platform lifts can be used to help users with accessibility issues or disabilities to use your stores with ease, and to meet accessibility targets for shops – one of the key benefits of lift installation for many of our commercial and retail clients. While lifts are not a legal requirement, there are regulations and guidelines around accessibility for stores and commercial buildings that lifts can help businesses meet, offering a simple, comprehensive compliant solution. There are many advantages that lifts can have over other kinds of vertical transport like escalators, particularly when considering accessibility. Wheelchair users, users walking with guides, users who are visually impaired, users with mobility aids, users with service animals, parents with prams and more can all make use of lifts far more easily than alternative modes of transport.

Creating more enjoyable and inclusive spaces can also actually increase sales for retail businesses, as a wide range of users are able and willing to spend time browsing in your stores. For many people with accessibility issues, knowing in advance that a store can accommodate their needs is one of the biggest differences they consider when looking to visit a shop or retail location.

Improve the customer experience and flow of people in retail stores

Particularly in busy periods like annual sales, shops and retail locations need to prevent disruption to customer flow where at all possible. Lifts that work quickly to transport users with minimal downtime can be a real help, improving the shopping experience for all customers.

Commercial lift services are vital for individual shops, shopping centres, and shopping outlets alike when it comes to creating a comfortable, accessible environment for all shoppers. Cosmetic refurbishment services are also available if your lift is working well, but you’re not getting those customer satisfaction benefits due to a lift that’s been subject to regular wear and tear.

Lifts can help you on a more sustainable path

If your business in the retail sector is trying to have more environmental awareness and be more conscious of your energy consumption and your carbon footprint, lifts can be a big deal! Fortunately, there are now many energy-saving lifts on the market, something Sheridan Lifts specialises in. Our energy-saving lifts use energy-efficient lighting and regenerative drive systems that help to reuse energy in the lift.

All kinds of businesses in the retail and shopping sector in the UK can benefit from installing lifts, as they can improve accessibility, boost your customer experience, and even increase sales. They can also facilitate businesses’ compliance with legal regulations for accessibility and provide a more attractive shopping environment, encouraging more customers to choose you for their needs.

Working with Sheridan Lifts on your Next Lift Project

Sheridan Lifts has been installing, maintaining and repairing lifts in the retail sector for over 40 years. From clothing stores, charity shops, antique shops, electrical stores and homeware shops to department stores and supermarkets, our team of experts have done it all before. Whether you’re looking to improve access for wheelchair users and customers with mobility issues, improve the efficiency of your staff and stockroom, or simply make the shopping experience better to improve customer retention, the Sheridan Lifts team can help!

Sheridan Group

Retail lift installations

At Sheridan lifts, we offer lift installations to retail businesses nationwide.

We have experience in the installation of lifts different types of lifts for retail businesses, including:

  • Conventional passenger lifts
  • Commercial platform lifts
  • Hidden platform lifts
  • Mezzanine goods lifts
  • Compliant disability lifts
  • Low carbon footprint lifts and energy-efficient lifts
  • High-use lifts and high-volume lifts
  • Bespoke lift installations

We understand that every business is different, which is why our team of dedicated project engineers are on hand throughout the entire lift installation process. We’re on hand through every step of the process, from lift design to the building and installation process, and during safety testing of lifts and inspections, to leave you with vertical transport that makes sense for your building. As longstanding experts in the lift industry, we can also provide expert advice on budget projections, disability access guidelines, and the interior design of lift cabins, including floor materials, floor finishes, and headroom space.

If you’re looking at your options when it comes to a new lift, it’s worth considering that complete lift replacement isn’t always the only option. If your building already has a lift installed that is reaching the end of its lifespan, lift refurbishment may be something that your organisation can look into. Lift refurbishment can extend the lifespan of passenger lifts and goods lifts of all kinds by up to 15 years. Lift refurbishment can also be used to modernise the lift interior and finishes for lift cars.

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Retail lift maintenance

Like any critical service lift, all commercial building lifts need to be regularly checked and maintained. Not only are there minimum lift legal requirements for building owners to ensure lifts are regularly being checked for safety, but regular maintenance can also help to catch common lift malfunctions with your lift before they turn into bigger problems and cause a breakdown.

When you work with Sheridan Lifts for your regular lift maintenance contracts, you can feel confident that you’re getting lift maintenance with expert lift engineers who understand the needs of the retail sector. We’ll come to your premises on a regular basis where our engineers will explain the results of their inspections and make recommendations on any preventative action to be taken.

We offer three different maintenance contracts to suit the extensive range of needs for clients of all sizes in the retail sector. All of our plans include regular maintenance visits in line with current lift safety regulations, and our customers always have access to our 24-hour emergency phone line, which is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year,  with 1-hour callout times for lift entrapment emergencies.

man installing a lift

Retail lift repairs

Of course, there are instances where, even with the most comprehensive maintenance plan and excellent quality lifts in place, breakdowns can still happen. In the case of a lift breakdown, retail businesses need a commercial lift company partner that will be able to get on-site and make repairs as quickly as possible. With Sheridan Lifts, you can expect an engineer on-site in four hours or less no matter what when you call us with an emergency repair. If there is a user stuck in the lift, we’ll be there in an hour or less.

Our lift engineers are always looking ahead and we are committed to the lifelong learning and development of our team. This means that when we encounter breakdowns, we have the expertise needed to identify the core issue at hand and make repairs accordingly. We’ll also provide recommendations and advice on how to prevent breakdowns in the future if applicable!

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