Providing Reliable Lifts to the People of Liverpool

At Sheridan Lifts, our engineers provide a range of Liverpool lift services to suit all your lift needs. With over forty years of experience, our engineers have the capacity and capabilities to offer bespoke solutions to fit almost any requirement. For example, the lift installation service we offer includes passenger lifts, platform lifts, automatic service lifts, glass lifts, car lifts, bespoke lifts (to suit your premises), energy-saving lifts, scenic lifts, and service lifts.

How We Can Help

Lift Installations 

At Sheridan Lifts, our experienced project management team will work with you to create a bespoke installation package to suit your needs. We are accredited by the Lift and Escalator Industry Association, helping us ensure each lift we install meets the current lift safety guidelines. We work closely with you to choose the most suitable lift and discuss any additional requirements you may have, such as how many people you need to fit in the lift at any given time, and who is going to use the lift. For example, is the lift going to be placed front and centre of the building or is the lift going to be used at the back of the building transporting goods? This will impact how much the aesthetics of the lifts will impact the design. 

No matter how big of a project or bespoke your lift specification may be, we at Sheridan Lifts are dab hands at installing lifts that our clients can rely on. In a recent example, we carried out an urgent multi-lift project for the NHS at a hospital in Hull, installing two extra bed lifts that were required due to the covid pandemic.


Lift Maintenance 

Here at Sheridan Lifts, our standard practice is to provide repairs within four hours of the call-out. Our maintenance solution is split into three key maintenance packages. Our Bronze package features regular servicing, which fulfils the legal requirement to conduct routine lift inspections and maintenance. You also have access to our 24-hour hotline where you can expect a response within the hour for entrapment situations. In addition to these benefits, our Silver package includes any emergency services you might need. Our top maintenance package is the all-inclusive Gold package, which includes everything you could possibly need, from reports and risk assessments to 24/7 call-out assistance and regular cleaning and maintenance of parts. 

If you would like to discuss these packages in more detail or speak to a member of our team about a bespoke maintenance contract, call us on 0161 203 6299.

Lift Refurbishments 

Naturally, all lifts have an estimated shelf life. With our knowledge and expertise at Sheridan Lifts, we are able to forecast the estimated life expectancy of any lift to allow you to plan for any refurbishments your lift may require and let you know when they might be needed. This can include anything from small refurbishments to a full renovation or upgrade. 

We provide a free surveying service for your lift, after which we can outline a future plan that suits your needs. To see if your lift could do with a bit of a spruce up, fill out this form and our team will be in touch.


Leasing Lifts 

We know lifts are an expensive – but necessary – piece of equipment. This is why we also discuss the possibility of leasing lifts with our clients. While this isn’t something we do directly here at Sheridan Lifts, we have connections who can do this for you. They can help ease the financial burden a little bit, potentially giving you more capital to invest in other areas of your business or project. Leasing also has the other financial benefit of being tax-deductible, which will also reduce the net cost of leasing a lift.

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From working with the likes of Audi and Toyota to assisting care homes and hospitals across the UK with their lifts, we are committed to being the best at what we do. We work closely with residents and businesses in Liverpool and beyond to find the right lift solution to suit your needs. From residential home stairlifts to commercial platform lifts, we do it all. Why not see for yourself and contact us to discuss your lift requirements today.