Why Choose Sheridan Lifts for Your New Lift Installation?




We’re proud to be one of the largest independent lift installation companies in the UK, with over 40 years of experience and three generations worth of knowledge and insight.


Over the years we’ve built a truly expert team of lift consultants who are dedicated to the work we do, and together we’re all striving to create a top-class experience for our lift installation clients.


We’ve installed lifts for some of the UK’s best-known organisations, including Kellogg’s, Audi, the NHS, and many more. When you work with Sheridan Lifts, you can expect an outstanding service that goes above and beyond to ensure your project is a success.

Our Lift Industry Memberships and Accreditations

The team at Sheridan are always looking to grow, expand, and develop our skills to stay ahead of the curve. We have a range of accreditations and industry qualifications to back up our commitment to quality work and service, including:

  • SMAS Worksafe Accreditation
  • SafeContractor Accreditation
  • LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) Membership
  • ISO 90012015 Certification
  • ISO 140012015 Certification
  • ConstructionLine Gold Membership
  • CHAS Premium Plus Accreditation

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us?

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We are contactable 24 hrs a day via a dedicated UK based phone number


We have engineers and lift technicians situated throughout the UK

guest accessibility

We are a family run and managed business offering a more personable service focused on the needs of our customers


Longevity and loyalty – some of our longest serving clients have been on our books for 30 years. If that isn’t testament to our services, then nothing is!

Find the Right Type of New Lift for Your Property

The first step in the elevator installation process is choosing the type of lift that best suits your needs. We offer a wide range of commercial lifts, industrial lifts, and lifts for residential properties that can be tailored to meet your bespoke requirements.

Passenger lifts are one of the most recognisable and popular types of lift. They are designed to improve accessibility for building users across a wide range of sectors, including offices, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, and much more.

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Platform lifts are designed to improve accessibility for wheelchair users or users with impaired mobility. In some cases, platform lifts are a legal requirement where ramps or other accessibility features can’t be installed.

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Service lifts are used to move bulky or heavy goods such as trolleys, pallets, and roll cages between floors. They are most commonly found in commercial and industrial settings like retail stores and warehouses.

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Dumbwaiter lifts, or automatic service lifts as they’re sometimes known, are ideal for transporting smaller goods between floors. They’re typically used in commercial kitchen environments to provide a quick and efficient service and make life easier for staff members.

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At Sheridan Lifts, we are one of the nation’s specialists when it comes to car lift installations in multi-storey and residential car parks. Car lifts offer developers the potential to improve the efficiency and capacity of car parks, making them excellent investments.

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Our energy-saving lifts help you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bill. We offer the most energy-efficient lifts on the UK market, all of which meet or exceed the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) requirements.

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We are bespoke lift installation experts, equipped with the skills and knowledge to fit not just standard lift models, but also provide tailored solutions when you need them. Our bespoke lifts are designed to meet your unique requirements while still complying with all relevant building and safety regulations.

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Glass lifts help to add a modern and high-end appearance not only to lift installations, but also to building projects as a whole. They offer users a view out over the structure as they travel upwards, creating a stunning experience that is perfect for luxury hotels and apartment buildings.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Lift?

There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your lift installation, including:

  • The type of lift
  • The number of floors that the lift will service
  • The number of users that the lift will hold at any one time
  • The dimensions of the lift and lift shaft
  • The weight capabilities required
  • If planning permission is required, or the lift is being placed in a listed building
  • Any industry-specific requirements that would require additional consideration during the design or installation phase
Get In Touch to Learn More

At Sheridan Lifts, we provide a high-quality service while also maintaining competitive pricing for our customers. To determine the right type of lift for your needs, our team will discuss the scope of your project with you and talk you through our transparent and comprehensive pricing options as part of this initial discussion.

We also offer lift leasing services, which allow our clients to take a more cost-effective approach to their lift projects. With lift leasing, you get the same quality products and services as a traditional lift installation, but payments are spread over a longer period of time to prevent high upfront costs.

We’re More Than Just a Lift Installation Company


In addition to being the UK’s leading independent lift installers, we also specialise in lift maintenance and lift refurbishments.

We have lift maintenance packages available for all budgets and requirements, giving you peace of mind for years to come knowing that your lift is safe and legally compliant.

If you already have a lift, our lift refurbishment services may be of interest to you. Our expert engineers can modernise your existing lift to improve its safety and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns occurring in the future.

Get Your Lift Installation Project Underway Today

At Sheridan Lifts, we’re experts when it comes to bespoke lift installations. Send us the details of your project and we’ll get back to you with a transparent quote.

Not sure of the details just yet? That’s fine too – simply send us your requirements and we’ll walk you through the options that are available to you.

Lift Installation FAQs

The amount of time it takes to install a lift can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of lift
  • The size of the lift
  • The location of the lift
  • The number of floors the lift needs to cover

If you’re looking for an accurate estimation of how long it will take for your lift installation to be completed, send us the details of your project today.

In most cases, home lift installations do not require planning permission. Your lift will not require planning permission as long as it meets all of the following criteria:

  • It is for personal use and not for commercial use
  • It does not alter the external appearance of the building
  • It is not visible from the public highway
  • It does not exceed specified size limits

However, planning permission will always be required if the lift shaft is built as an external add-on or if the building is listed, so it’s always best to speak to your local authority before installing a lift.

A properly installed and well-maintained lift should last for around 20-30 years. It is normal for a lift to be refurbished or replaced at least once or twice in a building’s lifespan, if not more.

At Sheridan Lifts, we not only specialise in lift installations but also in lift refurbishments. If your lift is reaching the end of its lifespan, contact us to find out how we can modernise it.

A standard lift uses a large amount of electricity, with a 15-second journey producing as much energy as a 60W light bulb does in an hour.

However, upgrading to an energy-saving lift can help your business use up to 80% less electricity than more traditional lifts. This can save you money, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

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Case Studies

Kellogg’s GB

We are currently working with our long standing, highly valued client Kellogg’s GB at their factory site in Greater Manchester. Throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the site