Our new lift installation sales and project management team are not only highly experienced at creating the ideal tailored package for your needs, they are also equipped with outstanding customer service skills to ensure your project stays on track from the word go.

Sheridan Lifts have vast levels of experience with complex projects like installing automated service lifts within medical facilities in the centre of London where site access is restricted, right down to large size goods lifts in factory units and standard passenger lifts in all manner of environments, including home lifts as shown below in this collage of an installation we fitted in a luxury residence in Manchester.

ringley road manchester

Our broad scope of industries and locations covered is unlimited too, you’ll find our lift installations within hospitals, hotels, educational facilities, warehouses and factories, residential developments – the list is endless. And we cover the vast majority of the UK too, having recently opened a brand new office in Watford, Herts where we were seeing more London sites covered for both lift maintenance contracts (on existing lifts) and new lift installations.

Sheridan Lifts have always been about much more than lifts, though.

We are a socially tuned in business with a strong moral compass, meaning we operate with high levels of acumen and we are proud of our high volume of repeat business from happy customers.

You can read more here about our work in the community.

Planning your new lift installation

New Lift Installation Considerations

Our in-house experienced design team will need to consider a whole spectrum of diverse factors, there could be over a hundred different possible configurations for your building’s lifts, and each will have its advantages and disadvantages compared with the others.

Your lift installation will be made to look simple and easy due to our forward planning, experience and consideration.

New Lift Compliance

Sheridan’s comply and are certified to install lifts in compliance as outlined on our resources page.


“Commercial and Residential buildings can rarely be planned on the basis of brochures alone”

The efficiency of a passenger lift service in a building is usually measured by the “5-minute handling capacity” and the “average destination time” which can be defined as the waiting time in the lift lobby plus the travelling time inside the lift.

The Lifts We Supply