A fully modernised lift for Ace Mill in Chadderton

Continuing our prolific work with old mills in the North West of England, we are currently carrying out a lift modernisation job for Ace Mill in Chadderton. That’s the one adjacent to Gorse Mill – with both serving the Rochdale and Hollinwood Branch Canal.

Are there any mills in the North West that we haven’t worked on? Maybe Danny Mills!

In the last few months we have completed a lift installation project at nearby Ram Mill which you can read about here and learn about some of the some of the other local mills that we cover  – we have also taken over the lift maintenance service contract for Arrow Mill in Rochdale.

So, back onto the current project. As I say, Ace Mill is connected to Gorse Mill and both mills are currently occupied by our client Cascade Lighting, who commissioned our assistance for this job.

The lift in question is a 6 stop, 1000kg business critical goods lift, meaning that works are having to be carried out to strict guidelines to ensure minimal disruption to the business.

Some of the images in progress are displayed below.

ace mill chadderton3 PHOTO 2019 11 12 20 19 34

…Got to love a bit of yellow!

Here you will see we have installed a new gearbox, motor and brake unit – there’s a brand-new traction sheave and VVVF controller as part of the upgrade.

The lift car will remain the same for this job but new peripherals will be added including landing operating panels with inbuilt digital indicators, new car operating panel and a full re-wire – we are only about a quarter of the way through the project but we’ll post more images as the job develops.

PHOTO 2019 11 12 20 19 344 PHOTO 2019 11 12 20 19 34

Our Lift technician and company director Paul Knight comments:

“This is a challenging but ultimately rewarding project, and its great for Sheridan’s to be involved with the continued upgrades of these historic old mills”

Stay tuned for further updates…