In Profile: Ram Mill, Chadderton

Our work on the site of old North West mills continues!

We already look after the lift maintenance at several key historic mill sites across Greater Manchester and Lancashire, including at Arrow Mill in Rochdale, Raven, Gorse and Ace Mill in Chadderton, Pilot Mill in Bury, Gladstone Mill in Stalybridge and Martland Mill in Wigan.

This latest project sees us carrying out new lift installation works on the site of Ram Mill in Chadderton.

Built in 1907 towards the end of the Lancashire cotton boom, the mill itself was designed originally by the architectural firm of Stott & Sons, who were responsible for many mills around Lancashire. Design features include terracotta stripes and a cupola-topped tower, a distinctive characteristic of the designer.

In Profile: Ram Mill, Chadderton

The mill is now being re-purposed as a self-storage, business and events space in a similar way to its counterpart Arrow Mill which we blogged about earlier this year. The image below shows how the mill looks inside following its redevelopment by owner SHF Group. These are some of the storage capsules.

In Profile: Ram Mill, Chadderton

Ram Mill itself forms part of a group of four textile mills located in this little corner of Chadderton (Ram, Rugby, Gorse and Ace) and as part of its redevelopment, a new building located next to the main mill will house office space, and it is here that we have successfully installed a 13 person passenger lift on behalf of our client M3 Construction in Chadderton.

As you can see from the pictures, the lift looks pretty good if we don’t mind saying so ourselves!

In Profile: Ram Mill, ChaddertonIn Profile: Ram Mill, ChaddertonIn Profile: Ram Mill, Chadderton

Thanks to our Scott Hughes for sending these images across to us for usage on our site.

A brand-new shaft was created in order for us to commence our installation works and lift has now been handed over to our very happy client.